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Dont Hate ME
Cuz You Aint ME!!
Girl- Do you think I am pretty
Guy- No
Girl- Do you want to be with me
Guy- No
Girl- If I left would you cry
Girl started to cry
Guy- I don't think you are pretty I think you are beautiful. I don't want to be with you I need to be with you. If you left I wouldn't cry I would die!
No onez on...
so im just around.

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middle school is such a blast,
but most of us are livin` in the past,
ya, there are times when us gurls fight,
but if we just laugh about it, everything will be alright,
i'm in a small fight with my "best friend" right now,
but when i think about it i just say, how?
how did we get in such a fight,
we're going into the darkness, and away from the light.
i used 2 think, it will go back to how it was long ago,
but now when i think, i just don't no.
all my friends are being mean to this girl,
all the fighting's makin me sick, i think im gonna hurl.
when i look back on all the good times we had,
i say to myself..............how'd we let it get SO bad?
~~~~~~~~~~``MADE UP BY COURTNEY AND TRISTA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~You say you've changed & you've matured. Some how I highly doubt it 'cause you still think love is just a word
If God had meant for today to be perfect, he wouldn't have invented tomorrow
Why are the words Good-bye, I'm sorry, and I love you so easily pronounced but so hard to say
Life is like fresh fallen snow, be careful where you walk, for every step will show
Sometimes the people you expect to kick you when youre down are the ones who help you get back up
Think of life's problems as speed bumps, things you have to get over in order to enjoy the rest of your life
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