Quotes added on Wednesday, December 22 2004

i know that i HuRt yOu
-- things will nEvEr be the same
the OnLy lOvE
i eVeR knEw
i threw it aLL aWaY

cAn yOu fEeL iT b E a T i n G ?
mY hEaRtS SinKinG//LiKe A wEigHt
------*>And I will love you
------*>Untill forever
------*>Untill death do us part
------*>We'll be together
------*>So take my hand
------*>And hold on tight
------*>And we'll get there
------*>This I swear

-This I Swear, Nick Lachey
Great Song!
Do YoU LoVe Me Do YoU WaNnA Be My FrIeNd...AnD If YoU Do WeLl ThEn DoNt Be AfRaId To TaKe Me By The Hand..I ThiNk ThIs Is HoW LoVe GoEs ChEcK YeS Er No!!
Its Not that I won't get over you..
...It's that I can't

**I made it up!
The grass may look greener on the other side but it still has to be mowed
The bridge you burn now may be the one you have to cross later
Whoever gossips to you will gossib ABOUT you..

>>remember tht next time ur talking abt someone tht it could come back to haunt you.
I wish that they would only take me as I am- Vincent Van Gough
you`ve got { 3 } choices in life
.. give up ..-.. give in .. or
[ . give it your all . ]
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