Quotes added on Wednesday, December 22 2004

i`m sO sCarEd. . .
sO aFraId yOuR gOnnA rEaLiZe
hOw AmAzInG yOu rEaLly aRe
aNd tHen yOu`Ll lOok aT me
AnD thInK - wHaT am I dOiN wIth HeR
aNd yOuR gOnnA rEaLizE wHat AlL tHa
OtHer GuYs hAvE aNd yOu`Ll knOw
yOu CaN dO sO mUch BeTtEr
It*s ThAt FeEliNg WeN u CaN*t GeT A (-song-)
*OuT Of YoUr HeAd*
..only this time..
*i cant*
GeT HiS (-name)...HiS (-voice-)...HiS (-smile-)
HiS e v e r y t h i n g
*out of mine*
¤·.¸.·´¨) i d0nt regret the rain
¸.·´ 0r the niqhtz i felt the pain
¸.·´ 0r the tearz i had t0 cry
( s0me 0f th0uqhz timez
`·.¸ every r0ad i had t0 take
) everytime my heart w0uld break
¸.·´ it was all just s0mthin i had t0 d0
( _¸.·*·.¸¸.·´¨`» t0 qet me t0 y0u
Xo *-* I fEeL lIKe iM fAlLinG aPaRt WiThOuT yOu... Xo -*-
**my screaming ...is all but a whisper to you**
He DoEzn*t kn0,
[[..Wha He d0es tA Me..]]
He teLLs Me,
[[..He L0vEs Me..]].
I kn0..
[[..He d0eZ..]].
Buh d0eZ He kn0,
h0w mUcH,
[[..I L0ve hIm..]]?
D0eZ he kn0,
Dat WhEn,
[[..I huRt Him..]],
It MaKes Me Cry.?
I maKe,
BuH I..
[[..LeaRn fr0m Dem..]].
I NevA Meant tA..
[[..HuRt HiM..]].
He D0eZn*t kn0,
h0w MuCh,
[[..I Hurt..]],
When I,
Can't Be,
[[..Wit Him..]]
I WouLd..
D0 AnyThAng,
[[..fA Him..]]
WhEn I..
ThiNk b0ut Him,
[[..I SmiLe..]]
When I..
DreAm b0uT Him,
[[..It's HeAvEn...]]
WhEn I..
MiSs Him,
[[..It's HeLL..]]
I wiSh I C0uLd..
[[..H0Ld hIm..]]
I wiSh I C0uLd..
[[..Kiss him..]]
I Jus waNna kn0,
Dat He Is HeRe,
[[..KeEpIn Me WarM..]]
EaSin Da...
MAkiN My..
Go aWay.
& KeEpln Me [[..SaFe..]]
He Is Da [[..0Ne..]],
[[..I L0ve..]]
H0w d0eZ Da [[..0nE..]]..
[[..I L0ve..]]
MaKe Me [[..Cry..]]
[[..HurTiN Me..]]?
.o:* Your Perfect
*:o. ...Because everything you do
.o:* Makes me smile
*:o. ...Because every second spent with you
.o:* Is worthwhile
.o:* ...Because when you laugh at me
*:o. I laugh too
.o:* ...Because everyone else can see
*:o. That I'm devoted to you
.o:* ...Because I love your eyes
.o:* And the way they shine
*:o. ...Because you don't tell lies
.o:* And you're so cute when you whine
*:o. ...Because when you get mad
.o:* You can't hide it
.o:* ...Because even when you're sad
*:o. I can find it
.o:* ...Because the way you hold me
*:o. Sends shivers down my spine
.o:* ...Because your spirits so free
.o:* And your so damn fine
*:o. ...Because I never stop thinking about you
.o:* It's just not fair
*:o. ...Because you're so perfect
.o:* And no one else can compare
no matter what i do i dont feel better
my face is getting wetter
trying to do something thats not me
make myself bleed
grabbed something sharp
attemping to do this hurts my heart
i stopped
i cant
i could never scar myself forever
though again
why did i even try to begain??????????
*she loved him soo much*
*why did he have to leave*
*becuase of it she cudnt*
*stand it!!.....she pulled*
*the knife out the droor*
*she touched a vein, felt*
*the pain,she had no doubt*
*the lights went out*
*how did i know?this was*
*her little bloddy note*
*left under teh knife*
NOT ME!!!!!~
i love the way he smiles; laughs; hugs me; kisses me; holds me as if he never intends on letting go; tells me that he loves me no matter whose around; whispers the sweetest things into my ear; makes me smile without even having to speak-- yea, i love everything about the boii --- i just wish he knew how amazing he really is.

^mine^ I love Conner**
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