Quotes added on Friday, December 24 2004

yOu knO it iS reaL.
.whEn yOu waTch him evEn.
.whEn he'S nOt loOkinG.
.anD stiLL thinK tO yOurseLf.
*-"wOw i LOvE him"-*
If I could be anything,
I'd be a tear.
I'd live on your cheek,
And die on your lips...

-Use Dont Abuse-
You Know You Love Him If:

*Hes all you think about

*You see him everynight... in your dreams

*You know him really good

*You can't have him cause he doesnt wanna break your heart


ly ykwyr
h0w c0uld ii hAvE bEeN s0 bLiiNd
..aNd n0t sEeN tHaT y0u 0nLy wAnTeD
t0 bE fRiiEnDs____0h yEs..ii kn0 why
bEcAuSe </3 y0u aCtEd aS iiF wE wErE
m0rE thAn FriieNdSz * y0u bUiiLt mE
uP oNlY t0 lEt mE // fAlL __x|0
aNd n0t hElP mE baCk uP aGaiiN ;;
aNd hErE ii Am 0n tHe qRoUnD . .
Always say I love you...
... Cause ya never know
Who you might not ever...
...See again

Meg!! IM me if ya like it
it'`s hard to wait around for something
that u know won*t e v e r happen
but it'`s h a r d e r to stop when you
know it'`s everything u always wanted . . .
S p r e a d the h.o.p.e
Wear the Yellow --> Livestrong*

--->Help Support!
<333 triple heaRt LovE
TOo SweEt
Sometimes the people you think you know the best
Can hurt you the most...
Because they are the ones you really care about
</3 mAyBe iii MiSs y0u bEcAuSe y0u t00k aa pArT 0F mE tHaT iii gAvE aWaY wiiToUt rEaLiiZiiNq iT..
You Have to decide..
...In the end
Will it be worth it?

IM me at Soin2uxoxo
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