Quotes added on Monday, December 27 2004

*I wAnNa bE thE GiRL u CanT LiVe WiThOuT*

hes got my heart skippin beats
and makin me act all *crazii
it seems i'll do a n y t h i n g . . .
jus for him to say (( im his babii ))

i WaNnA bE tHe GuRL You DrEaM oF aT nIgHt
i WaNnA bE tHE GiRL u HoLd sO tIgHt
i WaNnA bE tHe oNE wHoZ qUeEn oF ya WOrLd
BaBi ALL iM aSkIn iS tO bE *YoUr GiRL*

TeLL mE iF u LoVe Me
TeLL mE iF iTs tRuE
LeT mE bE uRs FoReVeR
AnD iTLL bE mE *n* u

.I might not be all that u want.
.I might not be all that u need.
.I might not be all the gurl of your dreams.
.But I could show you what love meanz.

ArOuNd *yoU* i DuNnO wUt To SaY
WheN wE tAlK i GeT sHy In EvErY wAy

Just waNa bE tha gUrL y0u taLk ab0ut -
tha 0nLy 0nE y0u Wouldn't ride with0ut -
t0 bE tha one wh0 maKe'z y0ur heart beaT craziE
nd for y0u t0 say t0 ur b0y'z that'z my babY

TiMe 2 Go To SLeeP
I WoNT MaKe a PeeP
MaYBe I WiLL DReaM oF u
a DReaM i WouLd WaNT 2 KeeP
i WouLD FReeZe TiMe iF u WeRe MiNe
BuT FoR NoW i SLeeP
LoViNG u is a SeCReT i WiLL KeeP

-I ain't lookin' for no superman to try & save me,
I just want you to be my baby

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I WaNnA bE ThA qErL wHo mAkEz y0uR bAd dAyS b E t T e R ,
aNd ThA oNe tHaT MaKeZ u SaY "mY LiFe hAs cHaNgEd SiNcE i MeT hEr"

uR eYeS hAvE gOt mE tWiNkLiN miNe,
uR kiNdNeSs mAkEs mE sHoW miNe,
uR bRaVeRy hAs mE sHoWiN miNe,
uR dEtErMiNaTiOn hAs mE sHoWiN miNe,
uR jOkEs hAvE gOt mE tElliN miNe,
uR sToRiEs gOt mE tElliN miNe,
nOw iF OnLy *yOu* wErE *miNe*

In your arms is the [ o n e ] place I want to be
The one place that I feel [ s a f e ] from everything going on around me...
The one place I could stay [ f o r e v e r ]

i CaN DrEaM Of uS t0gEtHa
AnD hOw gOoD iT CouLd Be
bUt i'LL kEeP mY LuV a sEcReT
*uNTiLL uR iN LuV wiT Me*

i would wait till forever
Just so we could be together.
If only you weren?t so blind to see,
how much u truly mean to me

...OnE LoOk wAs aLL iT tOoK...
...Bc fRoM tHe MoMeNt i SaW u...
*i wAs HoOkEd*

Lately when i look into your eyes..
baby i fly*
Your the only one i need in my life
i dunno how to describe..
how you make me feel inside

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OnE WiSh
ThAtS aLL i AsK
BuT WiLL iT CoMe TrUe
I DoUbT iT
EsPeCiaLLy iF ItZ aBoUt YoU

SwEeT sEnSaTiOnS dOwN mY sPiNe
-thinkin about .y.o.u. all the time-
UnBeLiEvEaBLe BuT tRuE...
i'M .c.r.a.z.y. about *yOu*

.:*CaNT FiNd dA wOrDz 2 SaY
2 teLL u ThaT i FeeL DiS WaY
iF u LoOK aT mE y0u'LL UndAsTaNd
aLL i wAnT iS Ta HoLD uR HaNd
WaNtiN u iS aLL i DrEaM
mY HeArT aCheS n i wANa ScReAm
iF OnLy u nEw mY FeeLiNs 4 u
i WiSh u FeLt dA sAmE WaY 2*:

there are tymez when we won't see each other for a while,
he's got his life and I've got mine,
But all he has to do is smile, and he's got me again...

i WaNnA bE yOuR BaBiDoLL
wRaP mE uP NiCe -n- TiGhT
LoVe mE aLL tHrOuGh tHa NiTe

Ask all my friends they`ll tell ya
- - y0u`re all i talk aBout - -
e v e n w h e n i g o t o s l e e p
- y0u`re the only 1 i *dream* about -

im CrAziE 4 u - YoU d0nT eVeN kNo
i WaNnA b WiT u - MoRe ThEn WoRdZ c0uLd EvA sHoW
So NoW n 4eVeR - rEmEmBeR iTs TrU
dAy N niTe- mY hEaRt iZ wiTh U

when ii lOok iin yOur eyeSz ii knO iitSz tru
mii heart beatSz faSta becauSe Of yOu
wen u talk 2 me ii dOnt knO hOw 2 react
nO 1 elSe can make me feel liike dat

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.:*I'M OnLy Me tHaTz aLL i CaN Be*:.
.:*No MoRe, No LeSs, DoNT 2Nd gUeSs*:.
.:*YoU mAy NoT LiKe Me BuT tHaTz oKaY*:.
.:* BuT tHiZ iZ Me aNd HoW i'LL sTaY*:.

I think i've finally come to the point in my life
where Im happy with myself
and know that I dont have to change
or be a certain way for people to like me anymore.
I am just fine and if someone doesnt think i am..
..screw them..

aLways be y0urself
you d0nt want any0ne t0 remember y0u
as s0me0ne y0ur n0t

I am who i am and i like it alot
dont try to make me someone im not

Never be bullied into silence.
Never allow yourself a victim.
Accept no ones definition of your life.
Define yourself.

[[..You were born an original..]]
.:+ Don't die a copy +:.

You drink what you want
And smoke what you see
Acting like your real saying
"Baby this is me"
Quit trying to fit in
Cause your friends do it to
Don't hide behind your cloud of smoke
Cause it really isn't you
I can't believe how true this is
Even though you say you're different
You fit the description perfectly

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Out of all the things in this world that can be ::broken::
the worst thing to break is a heart

*Im holding on to something that used to be there,
hoping it will come back, but knowing it wont.*

Why did u do me that way
All i wanted was for you to stay
All i asked for was your love and care
But as each day goes by, I can feel my heart tear

i'll be smiling when i see you
Tha tearz wont ever show
i know i'll always love you
And yet you'll never know

i'm tryin to move on
[ i still cant believe you're gone ]

I was afraid to love you forever,
but when I did, I lost you forever.

i sMiLe cAuSe eVeRyThiNgS pErFeCt
bUt tHerEs aLwAyS gOtTa bE a pRoBlEm.
wHiCh iS
I cAn'T hAvE hiM.

~Loving him hard to regret, losing him is hard to accept.
But with all the hurt i've felt, letting go is the most painful yet.~

It's killing me to know you without having a chance to hold you again. All I
wanna do is show you how I really feel inside. You can run from me, you
can laugh at me or you can walk right out that door. But I can't be just friends anymore...

ToDaY A tEaR FeLL fRoM mY eYe
ThiNkiN oF eVrYtHiNg wE hAd
wE wErE tHe fAnTaSy Of EvRy *TrUe LoVe*
I MiSs u BeiNg MiNe- i WoNdEr WhY
WhY EvRyThInG cHaNgEd So FaSt fRoM GoOd 2 BaD
bUt EvEn so i LoVe u aNd uR tHe OnE i StiLL dReAm oF

I gave you all i had
now in the end im so sad
I thought it was gunna work out
But you played me without a doubt
I now learned the game
n my life will never be the same

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Someday youll cry for me like I cried for you,
someday youll miss me like I missed you,
someday youll need me like I needed you,
someday youll love me and I wont love you...

...I thought I lost you somewhere
But you were never really ever there at all...

... you're missing the point. Things fall apart.
Not everything can be put back together,
no matter how much you want it.

-aLL ThEsE TeArS-
-All Of uR LiES-
-aLL ThEsE yEaRs-
-nOw WeRe SaYinG GoOdByE-

ID rAtHer yOu bE MeAn THaN LoVe & LiE
Id rAtHer HeAr tHe tRuTH & HaVe tO SaY GoOdbyE
iD ratHeR TaKE tHe BlOw, At LeAsT ThEn i WoUld KnOw
BuT baBy dOnT yOu bReAk mY HeaRt sLoW

I *hate* this feeling
Its one I know well
Its a thing called
And it hurts like hell

* Sumtimes i wish i was a kid again..*
* skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts *

* how very thoughtful, an introduction to PaIn...
u should be proud my DeAr...
no ones ever hurt me this way *

* I cry for the times that you were almost mine,
I cry for the memories I've left behind,
I cry for the pain, the lost, the old and new...
I cry for the times I thought I had you *

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*Heartbreaks will last as long as you want them to,
and cut as deep as you will let them to go,
the challenge in heartbreak is not how to survive them,
but how to *learn* from them*

Are my tears in vain?
pLease let me kno
if you cause me so much pain
why can't i let you go..?

SuMTiMeZ YoU NeeD Ta HoLD YoUr HeaD HiGH -N-
bLinK THe TeaRS aWay -N- Say GooDBye

U sAy aLtHouGh We BrOkE Up
U sTiLL wAnNa Be FriEnDs
BuT hOw CaN We StiLL bE fRieNdS
WhEn SeEinG u OnLy BrEaKs My HeaRt AgAin

and so now you know the way it feels to cry,
the way that I cried when you broke my world in two,
I learned the way to break a heart,
I learned from the best. I learned from you

Another night follows the day
Like a child does to it's mother
And everywhere I look I see your face
On the face of others
And I can't escape the pain

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* i thought i was alright, i was moving on strong...
but then i realized i was fooling myself..
.my thoughts were all wrong. *

I miss u when Im *sad*
i miss u when Im *lonely
but most of all,
i miss u when Im *happy*

I miss you when something good happens to me, because you're the one I wanna
share it with 1st. I miss you when something bad happens, because you make
everything *better*. I miss you when I cry, because you kiss my tears away.
I miss you when I'm laughing, because you make my laughter grow. I miss you
through all those times...But I miss you the most when I'm lying in bed at night
thinking about you, because before I always knew someway, somehow...
You were thinking of me too... And that's why it's then that I miss you the most,
because I*m not so sure your thinking about me anymore...

I hate to *smile* just to pretend I'm not hurt,
I hate to *giggle* just to show you i'll be ok,
I hate to *laugh* after I cry,
I still *love* you and you've said goodbye.

*Don't be sad when u must say good-bye.*
*A farewell is necessary before you can meet again*

Do I teLL yOU HoW i FeeL aNd RiSk RuInInG eVeRyThIng
oR kEeP mY fEeLiNgS bOtTLeD iNsIdE
anD KeEp ThINGs tHeY wAy tHeY aRe nOw

The hardest thing in life, is letting go..
...Of what you thought was Real...

tHeReZ 3 tHiNgZ iN LyFe tHaT sHoULd nEvEr bE bRoKeN
*PrOmIsEs* . *FrIeNdShIpS* . *HeArTz*

I'm staring at your photograph
Remembering each moment you made me laugh
i never thought it would end this way
That i'd still be missing you
*..to this very day..*

IM me .. p3rfectmistake x

*All I ever hearbe a good girl; just behave;
sit up straight; stand up tall; never falter; never fall;
stay in school; make the grade; never fail; never fade;
be a hero; be a star; be *everything* but what you a r e

~At least be there to wipe away my tears if you're going to make me cry~

Do u know what it's like to be me?
Go through sumthing not everyone can see?
Do you know what its like to walk in my shoes?
Please stop judging me simply cuz I'm not you...

I don`t know how it feels..
You think your the only person on Earth
who wakes up every morning
wishing they were someone else?
Reality check.. your not :*(

...Underneath the makeup and hair...
...Theres a lil sign sayin...
......Handle With Care.......

*~*Im holding on to something that used to be there,
hoping it will come back, but knowing it wont*~*

-Whoever gossips to you...will gossip about you-

i *play* it off like i got nothing to lie about
nothing to *sigh* about
but in my heart
i know i've got something to *cry* about

Now im in over my head
with something i said
Completely misread
i'm better off *dead*

Nothing Ever Went Rite
I Was So Fed Up With This Shyt
So Tired Of This Life

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