Quotes added on Monday, December 27 2004

So here I am once again
With my back against the wall...
Afraid to show you, afraid to tell you
I don't know you like I did
Ive never been so alone
Ive never felt so i n s e c u r e
And now I don't know where I'm going
In my life...Im not so sure..
im just a lil confused..but ill be okay
no need to worry about the girl who
smiles even tho so many things
g o . w r o n g . e v e r y . d a y
Late at night wen all the world, is
sleeping, i stay up nd think of you
nd i wish on a star, that sumwear
you are, thinkin of me too, cuz im
dreaming of you t o n i i g h t . .:*

(tahoma size 8) lines up perfect
& you can`t fight the tears that ain`t coming, or
the moment 'of truth in your lies --- & when
everything feels like the movies, yea you bleed
just to know your alive ______________ x3

((didnt know where to put it..get at me xOSam1128
Sometimes wen im alone i cry,
cause i am on my own.
the tears i cry are bitter and warm.
they flow with life but take no form.
i cry because my heart is torn.
i find it difficult to carry on.
if i had an ear to confiding,
i would cry among my treasured friend,
but who do you know that stops that long,
to help another carry on.
the world moves fast
and it would rather pass by.
then to stop and see what makes one cry.
so painful and sad.
and sometimes... I cry..
and no one cares about why..
i`m gonna live my life from day to night
with *no hesitation.. make the best of
evry situation that i find myself placed
in..deciding right from wrong choosing
my final destination, b'cause when it`s
said and done it`s just .yourself. that
------>> you`re facing<<-------

((didnt kno where to put this))
it`s werid, yea' i miss you, but it`s so much more
than that. i miss the way my heart stopped when
i caught sight of you & that smile, o god that smile the sad part is, your smile isn`t the only one i'm missing. i miss my own, the one thats only there when yours is ; i'de give anything x3
here i am.. as [ p e r f e c t ] as im
ever gonna be ..stick around cuz im
not the kinda gurl you wanna leave
I faintly remember breathing on your bedroom
floor, you were so good at pretending -----*x3
The tension is here
Between who you are and who you could be
Between how it is and how it should be
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