Quotes added on Tuesday, December 28 2004

*chillin here wit my buds* \
*but not with u so lv the love*/
____ ____ \
/ \/ \ /
\ / \
\*ur name/<<------/
\ /
\ /
\ /

¤ºO*v*E*r *N* o*V*e*Rº¤


-IM me if ya like

[ ]
[ L*i*v*e STRONG ]

*put {live strong} in Impact(western) and strong bold. out lined in yellow with black letters

-IM me

You *never* stop loving someone...you just learn to live without them
Well another day has gone by
And your still not in my life
Can you tell me why?
Why do you play it off
Like you wanna be with me
And when it comes down
To being with me
Your not in my life
I'm sick of you playin games
Its not worth it
I'm fightin for something that isn't there
So now i'm tellin you
Why your not in my life
I'm not here to scream and yell
Just to tell it straight
Your not in my life
Because I chose for you not to be

tell me what u think!
I'm as happy as a pig eating bacon!
if you >watch< time, it'll b too -embarssed- to move, but once u <look> away an hour has passed.
Amazing a.d.v.e.n.t.u.r.e.s. Frienships f.o.r.e.v.e.r.
^Tanuga summer of my life^

Booga tanuga.. i love you girls to death! heather together ((never forever..haha)), 04' and b.e.y.o.n.d.. lmfao!

Tanuga 04'.. xoxo girls! you MADE my summer, b.f.f.l: Becca.Jac.Mary.Julia.Allie.Paige.Macey.Roo.Laura.TRU BLU <3

*-*let me tell u one thing,-k-, never take love for granit cuz once u do u can never get out of it!!*-*

rite me if ur a really hott guy
`* - - - » you don`t no how much
ii miiss you .. wenever ii liisten *`
to our sonq .. ii qet tear'sz iin my
eyesz .. ii kno that ur my true <3'
love .. only iif ii had one more '*'
-- chance .. ii need you

* this look cute iin piink font *
on 8 poiint iin ariial .. <33

im me on pure sweetnezs x if you want me to make you some .. but u gotta give me a quote *

thanks!! «-- you may use and abuse --»
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