Quotes added on Monday, January 3 2005

the girl sitting next to me.
her name is but a solemn vow.

her middle name.
stuck between the dumbness of her first and last.

the turke-y on my kitchen table.
she just cant get the hint.

she is so oblivious.
she doesn't realize she has no friends.
im sorry, loser.
what a loser.
There arre twOo tiimesz iiwant tOo bee wiith yOou
[ nOow & fOorever ]

iim mee iif u want mOore


make sure tOo lOok at mii prOofiile and mii buddy prOofyle!
" not all beautiful things are extraordinary.. the ordinary things can be just as beautiful."
-wicker park

i love that movie!

i dont wanna say i love you first... b/c im scared that the one day i do will be the day u wake up and relize that you dont love me...and that you wont say i love you back...

idk... think about it tho... =/

i love you mark
Like Sleeping Beauty...I'm asleep in my bed waiting for a prince to come and rescue me...
--**IvE wAiTeD aLl My LiFe
**--To CrOsS tHiS lInE
--**To ThE OnLy ThInG ThAtS TrUe
**--So I WiLl NoT HiDe
--**ItS TiMe To TrY
**--AnYtHiNg To Be WiTh YoU
--**AlL My LiFe IvE WaItEd
**--ThIs Is TrUe
Now Napoleon dont be jealous because im chatting with babes online. You know that i am training to be a cage fighter someday!

haha i love that movie! not exact words but...

I Kn0w thAt Y0uR TrUe To Me
y0uR alWaYs ThErE
Y0u SaY YoU CaRe
I Kn0w ThAt Y0u WaNnA
Be MiNe....
BuT WhErE Is YoUr HeArT
CaUsE I DoNt EvEn FeEl YoU
WhErE Is YoUr HeArT
AlL I ReAlLy WaNt Is To BeLiEvE YoU
Is It So HaRd
To GiVe Me WhAt I NeEd
I WaNt YoUr HeArT To BlEeD
ThAtS AlL Im AsKiN FoR
WhErE Is YoUr HeArT??

where is your heart-Kelly Clarkson


((b U m P)) |s.e.t| *sPiKe* -iTt-

100% mine

*i_want_hym* x3
I wish i had a mustash!

-Napolian Dynamite
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