Quotes added on Tuesday, January 4 2005

[[ yOo gOt uzed lyk a cOndOm..played lyk a playstatiOn..yOur tO small tO stand up tall tO thuh situatiOn ]]

saw it On a bredrins skreen name n fOrt it was kina bad stil.. [ rOwdy.wun ]
Why did you let him into your heart?Why did you let him make you cry?Why did you trust him?Why did you give up everything for him?Why did you give up friendships for him.As you can see if just f***** up ur life..because of ......Him

>>Love is<<
>>letting someone<<
>>into your heart<<
>>and knowing that<<
>>they will not destroy it<<

people say school sucks and crap like that but the only reason why I go to school is just to see my boo
I swear on my hands and knees that I truely love him. But he just doesnt see that I would do anything for him. Just to make him happy, even if it made me miserable. But do you think he cares f*** no he doesnt cuz he blew me off and guess what.. he found some one NEW!!!!!

a rose is a rose a plum is a plum a kiss isnt a kizz witout some tounge so giv ur tounge some excersise until u reach my thighs go ahead use iit i dont care
I have a dream.....

Happy birthday to Martin Luther King Jr.
You say you love me but do you really mean it? If you do mean it please do me this favor please never say you hate me or anything rude that could hurt my feelings because Im the girl that gave her heart to you and if break me heart I will break something of yours. So when you say please let it be true because you know what? It may sound crazy but, I think I love you!
*--->U Kiss me U touch me U tell me im the onli 1 Wen boy al u reali wanted was jus sum Fun<---*
YoU .should. LeT mE loVe !YoU!
LeT .me. Be ThE oNe !To!
GiVe .you. EvErYtHiNg YoU wAnT aNd !NeEd!
BAbY .good. LoVe AnD !pRoTeCtIoN!
MaKe .me. YoUr !sElEcTiOn!
ShOw .you. ThE wAy LoVeS sUpPoSe To !Be!
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