Quotes added on Thursday, January 6 2005

Itís funny cause, for a while,
I walked around with a smile but,
Deep inside, I could hear, voices telling me this ain't right.
Donít you know, itís not for you,
I always knew what I had to do.
But itís hard, to get away,
Because I love you I just tried to stay.

- Jennifer Lopez: "I'm Gunna Be Alright (50 cent remix)"
Since You've Been Gone
I can breathe for the first time
Im so movin on yea yea
Thanx to you now i get what i want
Since You've Been Gone


Kylah xx3
He's my wonderful...
Everything a girl could want to love
All i mean yes he's my wonderful
He must have been sent from up above
Just f o r m e*

i love this song* Use...it**

*WhEn We WeRe YoUnG tHeY sAiD wE HaD CoOtIeS* *...BuT nOw We CaNt EvEn WaLk PaSt ThEm...* *WiT oUt DeM gRaBiN oUr bOoTiEs*
If you want to see the rainbow
you got to lie through the rain
if you want to see true love
you have to live through the pain

I didnt write this...
just spreading the good stuff.
You told me you loved me...
i think you really do...
you told me you loved me...
but i dont think i love you.
I thought you said forever
I misunderstood
i thought you said you loved me
I thought you always would.
Believe none of what you hear
and half of what you see!

rumors suck!!
Sometime I wonder why I choose you,
Sometimes I wonder why I choose you,
Why when I see you,
my knees get weak,
I just cant speak,
sometimes i get really scared,
but i am only scared becuase you dont care,
but that is not what i am scared of most,
i am scared you wont be there
when i break down and cry
and in between each tear
i sob and say that its over
but what makes me cry the worst
is i know i'll be fine.
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