Quotes added on Sunday, January 9 2005

I wish I could get over you
But I just cannot
cuz whenever I think about you
My stomach ties in {{knots}}
You can call me imperfect
But then who's perfect?

- J u l i e...x3
it's hard to wait around for something
that you know won't [ ever ] happen ,
- » but : it's harder to stop when you
know it's everything you always wanted<|3

my heart is yours to fill or burst/ to break or buRy
or wear as jewelery ; which ever you prefer <3
dancing with your feet is one thing.. dancing
with your heart is ( a n o t h e r ) - <3 -
and when 12 o'clock came around: it was as if we
were saying .goodbye to what we thought was the
best times of our lives <3
" it's never a mistake to care for anyone "
Sometimes we laugh somethings we fight sometimes we smile and you
are there for me whenever however and we will always be Friends forever...
you're the one that keeps my hope alive
my vision clear ; i'll spend my life with you
conquer fear &&; we'll make it though.
please just don't play with me
my paper heart will bleed - <3
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