Quotes added on Monday, January 10 2005

-ex- Its so hard to tell the 1 u love, that u can't stay 2gether, becuz in the 3nd u kno that ur gonna get hurt -oh-
Tell me agian...
Tell me agian..
Tell me again.
Tell me agai
Tell me aga
Tell me ag
Tell me a
Tell me
Tell m

[( That We'll B3 Loverz aNd Friendz )]
Only YoO...

Can make m3 feel..

and Only yoO can take me there.
([The mOre they talk abOut Our lOve
The mOre they make it ObviOus
The mOre they seem sO enviOus
HOw can they talk about Our lOve
When they dOn't knOw One thing about
Instead they just runnin they mOuth
SO all we dO is tune them Out])
When you love someone and you don't think that they love you, It's very hard to know if it's true. When you dance, in your heart it will last forever...but sometimes you think never. But one day when you know the chances are slim, you just might get him!
I feel like I'm invisible
When I talk, no one listens
When I cry and my feelings are splattered everywhere, nobody cares ir sees
When I hurt myself, nobody cares
When I yell for help, nobody hears
When I'm missing, nobody notices
When I tell him I love him,he turns his back and walks away
When I need someone to talk to, there's no one there
Invisible is what I am
and will always be
..Because of *you* I -laugh a little harder- *cry a little less* and -smile a little more...-

IM me for more!!
..In the -Rain-..*YOU* are my -Sunshine-
You -warm- my heart on the -coldest- days
I'll wait for you..no matter how long it takes.
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