Quotes added on Tuesday, January 11 2005

~WhEn GoIn ((In2)) a ReAlTiOnShIp~

~ReLiEzE tHaT iN tHe EnD sUmOnE ((wIlL))) gEt HuRt~
there are only 2 kinds of love stories i know of.
boy loses girl, or girl loses boy..
but in the end, one girl and one boy, both with broken hearts
end up falling for each other..
ii nEedA boy that wiLL hoLd mEe
and sAy babY itsZ GoNnA bEe
trEat MeE LikE a PriNcEsS anD i'LL aLwaysZ Be
juSt TeLL meE that yOu LoVe aNd You'LL ForEver
bAbii BeLieve MeE i DuN nEed
jUst yOur aRms aRouNd mEe aNd YouR geNtLe
i'LL GivE YoO What yOu NeEd aNd i'LL Be YouR
i'LL givE yOu My LiFe, My hEarT, aNd My

bY--kRiStEn LyNn CzErNiEwSkI
<3--i neEd yOu-- yOu cAn tAkE iiT..
weve both moved on
but promise me one thing
**dont forget me**
b/c i havent forgotten you

</3 alwaiis,
you girl..Dannie
we havent talked in weeks
we have changed so much
i feel like i dont even knoe u
so now it seems like were
*s t r a n g e r s*
i kant believe im sayin this but
* i m i s s y o u*

</3 alwaiis,
your girl...Dannie
|D|A|N|C|E| <<-- *MY ANTI DRUG*

make... |D|A|N|C|E| underlined

</3 alwaiis,
your girl...Dannie
where is your heart?
cause I don't really feel you
where is your heart?
what I really want is to believe you

</3 alwaiis,
your girl...Dannie
*-i LoOk aT aLL tHe PiCtUrEs oF tHe PaSt- tHiNkiN oF hOw ThE yEaRs WeNt bY sOo FaSt- ThE dAnCeS- tHe PaRtiEs- ThE PiX-tHe LaFfS- tHe ShOuLdErS 2 CrY oN n CuTe PhOtOgRaPhS- tHe PpL iVe KnOwN SiNcE WaY bAcK wHeN- ThE nEw KiDs cAmE EvErY nOw N tHeN- tHe FrEnDsHiPs U mAkE cOmE n gO- bUt ThErEs aLwAyS tHoSe FeW uLL aLwAyS kNo- NoW aS wE gO oUr SePeRaTe WaYs- i KnO iLL aLwAyS rEmEmBeR ThEsE dAyS-...*
i knO @ GrAdUaTiOn DaY Im GuNnA CrY iTz b/C i knO i FoUnD FrEnDz DaT R TrU TiLL i DiE
I wish I had never met you
because then I could go to
sleep at night not knowing
there was someone like
you out there.....

</3 alwaiis,
your gurl...Dannie
*I've been waiting all this time
To finally have you with me
Just so i can push you away
And when youre crawlin over
broken glass to get to me
That's when i mite let you stay

make mite bold
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