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text my cell*^:.yOuR CeLl PhOnE #

always C
--we`v3 kn0wn 3ach0th3r f0r a l0nq tiim3 .. <3
but ii n3v3r r3ally n0tiic3d all th3 maqiic iin y0ur 3y3s // ii`v3 b33m ar0und y0u a th0usand tim3s b3f0re _* and y0u`v3 always b33n a frii3nd t00 m3 ¤ but n0w y0ur s0 much m 0 r 3 . . .
xOoOx ii keep 0n wiishiinq but y0u never aPPear ii keep 0n dreamiinq but the stars alwaySz liie * ii want y0u s0 bad </3 d0n`t y0u rEaLiiZe ? ..
kiss me im punk!!
EvEryTiMe Im WiTh You i CaN'T BrEaThe...ThIs FeElInG Of LoVe HaSs TakEnN MeE OVeRr... I wAnNa TeLl YoU bUt I Can"t SpeaK i Can"t BreaThe WhatSs HappEnIng To Me??
I've never really had you, of course I've come close. I've had nights when as I
thought of you I was almost certain you were thinkin of me too, but as time
went on you started to let go, it was now that I grabbed on even tighter, assuring
myself that *we* would happen, so here I am, so many days wasted on you, so
many tears have been cried, and as I look at you, I cant help but think that I'll
never have you, since its been this long already.
This time it's over, I'm keeping my heart ,
I'm gonna be strong & not fall apart ..
It'll get better, I'll no longer cry..
In a couple of weeks, I wont want 2 die,
I won't want 2 go back, I'll be able 2 sleep,
It won't hurt so bad, & it won't feel so deep
*"»¦«"*I know as long as you are happy, I can get through this, but it still kills me to see you with her...not because she is perfect for you, not because she deserves you, not because she is what you need, cAuse thats not even the case but because she makes you happy. And that pain is indescribable*"»¦«"*
i [look back] on all the decisions i made and
wish that i just could --»erase them. d e e p
inside i know i can`t..but there`s *still* that
little peice of hope that just doesn`t seem to
g i v e . u p. that little peice of hope that can`t
let go of the fact that i messed up and we`re
not ( together ) a n y m o r e...it still sees *us
p e r f e c t l y --» like we once were _

for all tha blondes..
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