Quotes added on Monday, January 17 2005

                    (( it )) 

mY pArAdiSe * ...

pALm tReez
oCeAn bReeZe
w. My giRLiez
leMOn sQueEze
lovin` bOiiz
haVin toNs oF noNstoP fuNn
hIbiScuS flOweRz
tAnNin in dA sUn
i lOVe yeW moRe then AnytHin*
*yeW aRE All i cAN thINk aboUT
lOvE iS jUSt sO haRd tO eXPlAIn*
*wE r a pErfeCt coUPle nD` thEre iS nO doUbt
cAli suRfer
toNs of hoTtieS
riDin wAveS
sEein BoyZ w. Nice boDieZ
All i nEEd iN thE aIR thAt i bReaTHe iS tO lOVe yEw..*
iF u hAve jUSt oNE beSt friENd thAt iS alWayS thEre nD wIll alWayS bE rITE bY uR SiDe.. uR doIN okay*
iF u WeRe w. Me [EvERyDay]
mY lIFe wOUld gO smOothly
iT iS sO iMPoSsible<<--
tO exPLaIn hOw mUch I l o v e YeW
i [caN] sEe thOSe spArkliN heArtS iN uR gloOmy eYEs ..
beSt friENdz aRe vERy rAre
aLwaYz thEre
wHAt eVer u Do thEy goT Ur -->baCk
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