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i asked you if i was pretty, and you said no. i asked you if i was an important part of your life, and you said no, of course not. i asked you if you wanted to be with me forever, and you said no way. then i asked you if you would cry if i left you, and you said no. i had heard too much and i needed to leave, but as i walked away you grabbed my arm and said "you're not pretty, you're beautiful. you're not a part of my life, you ARE my life. i don't want to be with you forever, i need to be with you forever. and i wouldn't cry if you left me, i would die"
it took billionz of people to
.:+:.complete the world but.:+:.
-- it only took you to --
complete mine
..-If someones always on your mind-..-
..*Chances are they belong there*..
-.*-.*Your the only one who can break my heart
but i would still love you with every broken peice of it .*-*.-.*
I [ l o o k ] bAcK oN the DayS wEN wE WeRe beSt friEnds aND aLwayS hAve sO muCh fuNn toGetHEr - nOw i WiSh foR a lIddlE moRE thEN thAt aND iT aLL F*
A P a R t <<----
OvEr thE yeArs We HAvE bEen gEttin * clOSer anD clOSer tOGeTher. nOw i dOnT nOw hoW i feEl becAuSe sOMewhEre iN mY heArt thERe iS a biG plAce jUSt foR y O u <---
lIFe iS toUgh wEn i lOVe u SoO muCH anD u hAve fALlen iN
* l o v e wIth My beST friENd
--->>iTs sO HaRd tO anSwer ALl thE qUEstiONs evERyonE iS aSking abOut u .. aLL i cAN saY iS i loVe yoU anD thaT's a fact*
wHEn i sEe u eVery dAy i jUSt wAnnA sCreAm hOW mUCh i lOVe yOU buT i kANt x3 becAuZe u lOVe My beST friENd..*
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