Quotes added on Thursday, January 20 2005

hAv3 yOo 3v3R hAd thAt FEeLIng
w3n yOu toLD yOuR b3sT fri3nD
a lItTl3 mORe oF whAt h3 shoULd nO
u toLd hiM thAt u lOV3 hiM
anD nOW alL h3 do3s iS stAr3 iN coNFuSion
sO siNc3 i toLd hiM i loV3 hIM
w3 hAve grOwn fArth3r aPaRt th3n 3v3r b3fOR3 iN thE laSt f3w SeConDs...*
i'll dO [whAtevEr] it tAkes foR thErE tO be A pLAce foR me iN yOuR heArt*
eVeryONe thiNKs lOVe iS a gOOd thiNg anD rUSh tO haVe a boYfriEnd. iT acTuAlly iSnt bEcAuse guYS alWayS fiNd a wAy tO b r e a k yOur heArt*
F l y i N * a w A y * t o * p A r a D i S e
× iTs kind of aMaZiNg ×
hOw oNe pErSoN cAn
mAkE yOuR wOrSt dAy
*absolutly perfect*
Candy is sweet..
But his kisses are better..
.*.You can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. But you cant pick your friends nose.*.
×Loving y·o·u is like |b|r|e|a|t|h|i|n|g|...how can i s·t·o·p×
* M H !
U a ! *
id give muh life for you in a minute
cuz i cant picture muh life with out you in it
i think about your face & how i fall into your eyes....
the outline that i trace round the one that i call mine*
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