Quotes added on Saturday, January 22 2005

im sleepin.. ur readin this.. somehow im not jealous

*why do all my NIGHTMARES seem real but my dreams d.o.n.t.*
l3mm3 s33 ya
but §in©e ¥ou been gone
i ©an breathe for the fir§t time
i'm §o movin' on, ¥eah ¥eah
thank§ to ¥ou, now I get what I want
§in©e ¥ou been gone
top 10 reasons your not the most popular guy in your highschool.. with nepolean dynomite

10.Your year book photo caption reads 'unidentified sophmore'.

9. your only friend is the one you built in shop class.

8. school song inclues phrase about how much you suck.

7. everytime you talk to a girl the convorsation inevitably drifts to your frequent nosebleeds

6. the stupid kid who gets his tator tots stolen every day?
he steals your tator tots...

5. everyones jealous of your tetherball skills

4. not only did you take your mom to the prom.. you had to pay her $20

3. you cant dance like this *napolean dances like a chicken*

2. "lord of the rings" figurines - 50
friends - 0

1. how the heck would i know? im like the coolest kid in school! gah!
*i tear my heart open'
'i sew myself shut*
*my weakness is'
'that i care too much*

*and my scars remind me'
'that the past is real*
*i tear my heart open'
'just to feel*
boy and girl meet-young age
girl has crush on boy-still young age
boy finds out-a little older
girl hates boy-early teens
boy starts to like girl-early teens

^^see the problem?

*not a true story.. i was just bored so i made it*
I shake it like jello make the boyz say hello cuz they know im rockin the beat
I kno u heard a lot about great mcs but they aint got nuthin on me
because im five foot two i wanna dane with you and im sophistacated fun
I eat fillamon and im nice and young best believe im numba 1
~Missy Elliott and Ciara 1 2 step
why did you leave?
why did i care?
why am i wishing
your still there?
its been a year.. oh i miss you so much
you were my life.. i loved you so much
why did you say goodbye?
why didnt you tell me why?
why do i miss you so much?
why did you say goodbye?
*It's been a year daddy
I really really miss you
Mommy says your safe now
In a beautiful place called heaven*
*We had your favorite dinner tonight*
*I ate it all up*
*Even though I don't like carrots*
*I learned how to swim this summer*
*I can even open my eyes*
*While I'm under water*
*Can't you see me?*
*I started kindergarten this year*
*I carry a picture of us
In my Blue's Clues lunchbox*
*You are the greatest daddy*
*I can swing on the swing by myself*
*Even though I miss you pushing me*
*Can't you see me?*
*I miss how you used to tickle me*
*Tickle my belly*
*My belly hurts*
*I try not to cry*
*Mommy says it's okay*
*I know you don't like it when I cry*
*You never wanted me to be sad*
*I try Daddy but it hurts*
*Is it true you're not coming home?*
*Maybe someday*
I'm finding it hard to believe
We're in heaven
*I can visit you in heaven, okay?*
*It's time for me to go bed now
I sleep with the light on
Just in case you come home
And kiss me good night
I love you so much
I miss you Daddy*
^^a 5 year old said that about her father.. while this song was playing in the backround..

Baby you're all that I want
When you're lying here in my arms
I'm finding it hard to believe
We're in heaven

the song is by dj sammy.. and its called heaven 911 remix..

~*In loving memory of all the victims of 911*~
jܧt cuz i ƒ£iRt..
doesnt mean im intrested
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