Quotes added on Tuesday, January 25 2005

siNCe wE hAvE bEen [BeSt] friEnds
i hAVe lOvEd u frOm thE fiRst dAy
i guEss u hAve bEen bliNDed frOm thE stArt
i lOVe yOU sO mUCh, iZ thAt oKay*
i jUSt WAnT yOU tO lOVe mE bAck
iS thAt sO mUCh to Ask*
        *    *  * *
       * *   *  *   ***
      *****  *  * * ***  
     *     * *  * * **** 
it says ALLIE nickname for ALLISON
if its hard trying to forget someone you knew try forgetting somone you loved
some times i love you sometimes i hate you sometimes i hate you becuase i love you
It hurts me when he says I still love you becasue I dont know if I wanna put my heart through all that pain again

Sorry if it seems gay got it from a friend....
It hurts me when he says I love you because I know that if I say it back, I'll lose him again.

Life was perfect before you asked me out because we were lovers and friends not a couple woth hearace

If only you knew how much I cried over you that night and for the next 3 years too

You were the one i thought, it was the day, I was wrong, those were the words that made you fade away out of my life

I know they seem gay but dont blame me blame my friend lol
Just to let u no this is wat I want :
I want the title, I wanna be know as ur girl, I wanna kick it with you like your best friend, so let a girl come in your world. I wanna be ur lady.

thought it was cute found it in a song =)
`. Im Here through |--->*g.o.o.d n b.a.d*<---|
  .` and |--->*h.a.p.p.y n s.a.d*<---|
no matter what you can |--->*a.l.w.a.y.s*<---| count on me!
Remeber it WAS worth it

xOx Maddz
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