Quotes added on Wednesday, January 26 2005

1000 knives
Plunged into the darkness
Of my now-hollow heart
How this happened...
You'll never know
Or care
Everything I ever knew
In a flash
Betrayed by my own
I drown deeper
In my sorrow
Never to return again
Try to change me
Go ahead
I dare you
This time you can be the one
With the impossible task
Because, you see
You'll never succeed
No matter how hard you try
I will always
Be me
Nothing more
Nothing less
Watch me as I fall
As I tumble deep
Into the depths of the hell you've created
Watch me as I rise above it all
Rise above the lies
Above everything thats ever happened
Thanks to you
One day
I'll find an escape
Until then I remain
I live for the times
When all I can do is sit
And think
And come up with every reason
That I have
To hate you
To hate what you've done to me
The one thing I don't hate
Is that one day this'll be you
You'll be the one hating what you've done to me
Because you'll realize that
You've only made me stronger
Made me more into the person
You're trying to destroy
All my life
I've been forced to be someone I'm not
Someone I'll never be
I'm sick and tired of this
I'm not gonna take it anymore
Screw trying to be perfect
From now on, its just me
The one I've always been
Underneath your lies
To cover up your own faults
Now where are you going to hide?
Pulled into the darkness
Haunted by my unspoken thoughts
I'm no longer safe anywhere
Demons of the night
Eating away at my soul
Drive me towards the hell of day
Where can I go?
What can I do?
Suffocated by life
This is how it all ends...
I'm a cheerleader
I got class
mess with me
I'll kick your *ss

> IM me at daddysOXOgirl if ya'd like <
.::. Look at that girl Broken inside
Everynight she wishes she could die
All the pain all the tears
And all the waisted years
Look at that girl Broken inside
All the times shes sit and cried
If yoo look in her eyes
You'll see all her lies
She lies bout her life
Her bruised and batterd life
Look at that girl, soo BROKEN INSIDE . . .

"broken" by magan pribudic!
original pleas dont take credit. thanx!
i need a sOldja
.·´¯`-» that ain`t scaRed tO stand up fO` me
`nd carRy big thingZ if ya knO wat ai` meean
mah hOpes are sO high that yOur kiss miight kilL me
sO wOn`t yOu kill mah sO i die hapPy
mah h3art is yOurs tO fill Or burst
tO break Or burY Or wear as jeWelery
whichever yOu prefeR

--Dashboard Confessional
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