Quotes added on Friday, January 28 2005

I love the way you hold me tight,
I love the way you want to be with me all night,
I love the way you kiss my neck,
I love the way you make me never regret,
I love the way you try and tease me,
I love the way you always please me,
I love the way you care about me,
I love the way you never doubt me,
I love the ways of theese things you do,
Can't you see that I love you?
i might be young but i know what it is that makes me happy ; i know whats in my heart ; i know whats on my mind and its * you * all the time <3
yEaH - i LiVe fOr tHe MoMeNtS
wHeRe hE StEeLs My hEaRt & \
* DoEsNt * eVeN kNoW iT ! XoO
xO - You do your thing and I do
my thing. You are you and
I am I. And, if, in the end we
end up together, it's beautiful.
- Boy Meets World
who wants to be ordinary in a
cRaZyYy mixed up world i dont
care what their saying as long
as im * your * girl <3
Barbizon= Barbie Zone

*for all the guys that dont know what barbizon is, its a modeling school and people that go there can be barbies at times* (but not everyone)
im sitting in study riight now :)
im really bored :) i snuck to the computer room to do ""work""
in nott supposed to be on her4e i just wanted to say school sucks and im out love you x3x3
i should have known
it was all just a
g a m e
i hope you hurt as
much as i do. . but
nothing could feel
the same

[[[ emm ]]] x3
strut my stuff and yes i flaunt it goodies make the boys jump on it

turn up your speakers and look at this link...
it is the saddest thing you will ever hear...

...i try not to cry...mommy says it's okay...

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