Quotes added on Saturday, January 29 2005

she put dat suga on my tounge tounge
yippee yippee yum yum
goody goody gum drop
put me in a tounge lock
did it till my body went numb numb
later on her back back
turn around and give her body a smack smack

~ suga by trick daddy ft. luda

luv dis song
yAhh My HeArTz BeEn BrOkEn b4..
aNd It AiNt gUnNa HaPpEn No MoRe
aFtEr ThAt LoSeR MaDe mE cRy EvErY NiTe
JuS cUz I wAs StIcKiN uP 4 MaHsElF WhEn HeD FiTe
No GuY iS eVa GuNnA hErT mE aGaIn
tHiS iS tHe mUdDa ____In EnD...
i GoT lOtZ tA sHoW
Got GaMe SoOo SiKk
n I aINt No HoE lYk u...
u WaNnA tAlK sHyT.. *nAw*
jUs Go SuX aNuDdA DIkK
i CaNt BeLiVe uR dOiN tHiS tO hEr
uR aLwAyZ LyK bOuT thiS oNe IM sUrE
BoY. uZ JusTa pLaYa tHaT CanT KeEp Off Of OtHa GrRlz
dOnt SaY u AiNt GUnNa ChEaT aGaIn wEn u No DaMn WeLl U wIlL
ThErS sO MuCh PpL iN LiFe ThAT tAlK sh|T
ItZ sO Fkin GaY y cAnT u JuS uNdAsTaNd pPl r DiFfErEnt
itZ lYk No1 Can Be ThEr OwN pErSoN n ThEy AlwAyZ goTtA
tHiNk BoUt iF tHey PlEaZin SomE1 eLsE oR nOT
LiFeZ fUlL oF DuMb sH|t N FaKe pPL wElL tHeReZ a HoLe LoT
iM gEtTin HoLlAz FrUm CoAsT 2 CoAsT
WiT dA gRrLz I LuV tHa MoSt
yAlL tHiNk I GoTz ErRyThIn..
DaT iM dIz NiCe GrRl w/ a SmIlE aLwAyZ oN hEr FaCe
I aInT dAt AiGhT.. YoU donít know Me At AlL
iN tHiS wOrLd I aiNt No My PlAcE
I KnOw MaD gRrLz HaTe On Me
LyStEn AlL ya HaTaZ I CaN B wHo I wAnA b
I aInT a StUpId HoE LyK u
I donít NeEd OtHa PpL aGrEeIn WiT wAt I dO
FoR eAcH oThA wE'D Do NeThInG
iF sOmE1z TaLkIn sHt We'Ll pUt Up a FiTe
Me W/ HeR dAt AiNt RiGhT
iTz iMpOsSiBlE tO bReAk Us Up
mE n My gRrL aLy r FoReVa TytE
Ur ThE BiGgEsT pLaYa IíVe eVa SeEn
WhEn SoMeThInG DoEsNíT gO uR wAy u aLwAyS TuRn So GoD DaMn MeAn
WhEn YoU CoMe ThRu, YoU aLwAyS bE sAyInG ďCímOn GrL lEtíS GeT iT On.Ē
iíM LyK *NaHh*
FoR uR gAmEs iíM nOt GuNnA fAlL,
CuZ bAbY uR nOt PaCkiNg At AlL
*((.:.i*Ts ShOrT.. jUsT LiKe Ur TeMpEr.:.))*
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