Quotes added on Monday, January 31 2005

U tEll mE thE thINgs i wAnnA heAr
buT hoW dO i nO if iT iS tRuE
thEy`Re juSt a buNch oF woRdS
unTiL i nO thEy coME fRom YOUr
h E a R t * :¨`·´¨:
you were just a dream that i once knew
never thought i would be right for you
you're all i need; mylove, myvalentine
It's *nIcE* to know you were *ThErE*
Thanks for [a c t i n g] like you [c a r e d]
And making me ((fEeL)) like I was the ((OnLy OnE))
It's ::NiCe 2 kNoW:: we had ::It All::
>:<ThAnKs>:< for >:<wAtHcInG>:< as I
And ((lEtTiNg Me KnOw)) that
[[ W . e . W . e . R . e . D . o . N . e]]
even the thought of you
brings those stupid butterflies.
you really should stop.
that or give me some kind of notion of feelings towards me.
unless there's none then i completely understand.
tell me do you wanna get freaky
cuz i'll freak you right i will
i 'll freak you f r e a k you
like noone has eva made you feel
swallow your pride.
count your blessings.
..no matter what i do u dont seem to realize how much I Love You....your head is always turned to someone else...<33
*three grand essentials to happiness in life are: -somethin to do,love, n hope for*
i just dont understand you .....
a new day will dawn for those who stand lost, and the forest will echo with laughter
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