Quotes added on Tuesday, February 1 2005

~`What did I ever do to make you do to me what you did?`~
Dancing where the stars go blue
Dancing where the evening fell
Dancing in my wooden shoes
Dancing in a wedding gown.

Where do yuo go when your lonely?
Where do you go when your blue?
Where do you go when your lonely ill follow you...
When the stars go blue?
When the stars go blue?

-Tyler Hilton and Bethany Joy Lenz-
+One Tree Hill+
<~~~ Greatest Show Ever!
I never Stopped luvin you I just stopped letting it Show!!

*It brakes my heart to see you luv another girl who dosent luv you like I do and she will never luv u as much as I Do dont you see the Tears I try to hide i cant stand seeing you or Talking to you I just wanted to tell you you broke my heart and I want it back but it will nvr be replaced b/c i told you how i felt and you still luved her the girl who dosent luv you and you told me that you still had feelings for me!!But No you still luv that other girl but we will never be friends again because i cant have my Guy or my Heart Back Soo Thats it!!*
Algebra is a lot like life; it's easy to mess up.
The only tool that becomse sharper with constant use is the tongue.
you dont really know how much i love you
i just wish...that you felt the same </3
i love him
i go thought this every day thinking and dreaming about you i dont think i can ever love someone ever again
~*~There are a lot of things you have done to hurt me, but the time that hurts the most was when I stood and watched you ask her to dance......To our song~*~
I asked God for a flower, he gave me a bouquet. I asked God for a minute, he gave me a day. I asked God for true love, he gave me that too. I asked for an angel and he gave me you. But the bouguet is dying and the day gave is gone, the true love is fading, and my angel passed on.
~*~Pretend I'm your homework, lay me on your table and do me all night long....~*~
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