Quotes added on Thursday, February 3 2005

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game
Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game
Friendship is like peeing your pants:
Everyone can see it but only you can feel its warmth
I can't deal with it
When he's not here
I feel like my life has no meaning
I feel like I have no purpose
There's no need to dress up and look cute
There's no one to impress but him
I don't want anyone but him
He's the only one I need
I can't breathe when he's not around but when he is near me, I still can't breathe
I need his love
I need, I want him to love me like I love him
He's what makes my world go 'round
He's what makes my day better
He's what turns my frown into a smile, just because he's there
And just because I know he's near
I find myself doing things I wouldn't do otherwise
I'm crazy for him and he doesn't even know
So now I'm sitting here on this ruined day
It's ruined cuz he's not here
He's the reason why I wake up and go to school
He's the thought going through my mind when I go to bed til when I wake up
Then, I wake up, knowing I'm going to see him
And when I don't, its heartbreaking
I can't describe it any other way
<3 . . simple fantasy !!
i kn0 i shouldnt want y0u ..
i kn0 i shouldnt care ..
but everynite i fall asleep wishin y0u were there ..
i wish i could say y0u were just s0me guy ..
but the feelings i have inside dont lie ..
one of these days i will get the nerve to tell y0u ..
h0w much i really like y0u ..
but until then .. (( i gUeSs )) we will always be ..
"just friends" <3 ..

Deticated .. <33 i want y0u soo bad!!
i wish i could say y0u were just some guy ..
but the feelings i have inside DoNt LiE

<33 y0ur soo sexee ..
<3 LiNdSaY xo0x
someone please kill me
i can't stand another __
day without you and me
you say you love me nd
you will forever, but *`
friends tell me what you
have been doing behind'
my back. you lied to me,
said you dont like her, n
you never will. but boy,
it seems like you 2 are *
in love. she was my bff
but now, shes nothing .
but dust. i thought i could
trust you, but it seems like
i cant anymore. just tell me
the truth so i dont have to*
think about you anymore...
i wrote this from what im '`
feeling right now, nd every
word is true. but i have 2 *
very important words for u
*_____e f f , y o u _____*

100% original.
i DoNt TrUsT mAnY pEoPlE iN mY LiFe AnD wHeN sOmEoNe CoMeS iN aNd TrYs To TaKe OnE oF tHe FeW i Do I gEt UpSeT bEcAuSe My LiFe Is BeInG cHaNgEd AnD tHe OnE i cOuLd TrUsT nO lOnGeR iS oNe Of ThE fEw
ii got the head turnin
body burnin
love mii smile
-->kinda style
ii thot beinq sinqle was a qood idea
no one could hurtt youu...you don`t have to depend on no one but yourself
But babii sincee ii mett you..ii dont ever wana be alone again
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