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she does all that she can for the boy that doesnt even know that her smile pertains to him ... </3
where you are seems to be as far as an eternity
o u t s t r e t c h e d arms & o p e n hearts <3
and if it never ends -- then when do we start ?

maroon 5 - (A) times new roman 10
~*~..I wRoTe uR nAmE In tHe sAnD BuT ThE wAvEs WaShEd It aWaY........i wRoTe Ur NaMe on a pIeCe oF PApErBuT It aCcIdEnTlY GoNe tHrOwN AwAy.......IwRoTe u nAmE On My HaND aNd aCcIdEnTlY WaShEd It......I WrOtE uR NaMe iN My HeArT anD FOrEvEr It wIlL StAy..~*~
100%ORIGINAL im me on stavenchcick012....aim
~*~....if i told u i loved u would u laugh or say i love u to,or if i told u u had a nice body would u stare at me and say i know or give me a hug...if i told u i was havin a bad daii and i was cryin would u soo o0o and walk away....or would u talk it threw wit me until i was ok..~*~
*pretty in pink* WICKED in uniform
Where is your boy tonight i hope he is a gentlemen maybe he wont find out what I know.. You were the last good thing abotu this part of town
-Fallout Boy

IM me.
Stick to the fight when you're hardest hit. Cause its when things go wrong that you must not quit.

See the full poem under .. poems.

xOo _ Gina Marie
when things go wrong as they sometimes will when the road your truddging seems all uphill when the funds are low and the debts are high and you want to smile but you have to sigh stick to the fight with your hardest hit cause it when things so wrong when you must not quit

seccuss if faulier turned inside out the silver tint of clouds of doubt you never can tell how close you are it may be near when it seems afar so stick to the fight when your hardest hit cause its when things g owrong that you must not quit..

not mine

<33 gina
ღ never~believe~a guy
when he says il"love"
you forever«because«
forever is sometimes
shorter`then u think ღ
its live every time I see you i want to run away cause you dont love me like you used to .. its like everytime i see you im sceared to show my face because you dont love me like you used to .. and its like eveytime i see you i feel like a descrace

mine .. wow it sucks **bleep**
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