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You Make Me Bite My Lips
iill take yew to the candii shop let yew lick that lolliipop go head gurl dont yew stop keep on goiin tiill yew hiit tha spot.... woah..... ill take yew to the candii shop give yew a taste of wut ii got ill have yew spendin all yew got keep goin till yew hit the spot....woah....

cAnDiiShOp By FiFtY cEnT
--->Ch!CkS<--- bEfOrE --->d!CkS<---

GiiNa BiiNa
Yeah, You might have played me,
but at least I noticed?
o0o, you might want to be still friends,
I can be nice,
But How?
After what you've done to me...
Yeah, You got your g.a.m.e,
buT nOw ItS OvEr*
pencils points and ballpoint pens
pikin fights and self defense
sittin in the classroom waitin for the bell
holy crap this is like living h3ll

GiNa BiNa
And right there for a minute
I forgot that you don't love me anymore...
Love songs suck and fairy tales aren't true and happy ending Hollywood is not for me and you So add it up and Break it down it's not that hard to figure out Your crazy and I'm crazy about you
Candy giirL u

*are my world
u see her iin tha hallway

all happy and dandy but u

would never guess dat she

cries herself to sleep 4u
behiind these eyezs

a sad giirL criezs-
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