Quotes added on Wednesday, February 9 2005

+ShAkE yOuR bOoTaY+

it was the day i saw you walk by
i remembered the old days we were goin so fly
when i saw you, you glanced back at me
and i began to miss the way things used to be
we kept saying forver and the outcome wasnt true
im sorry about all the mistakes i made that hurt you
i look back at the days and remember my past
still wishing things could have last
when we said i love you, hello, and good bye
it was then i saw you were my perfect guy
i thought me and you had it good
and i thought we were the ones for eachother like we thought it should
but i cant change the past i have to look now
i need you baby, some way some how <|3

okayy i made this up myself.. so like yeah u can use it idc.. it reminds me of me and my boyfriend so i thought id get all my feelings out.. love to all x Chrys
Nobody likes you...
Everyone left you...
They're all out without you...
Having fun...
`cuz we lOst i.t.a.l.l.
[nothin`] lasts fOr`ever
i`m sOrree i can`t be
nOw it`s just -toOlate-
`nd we can`t gO bakc
i`m sOrree i can`t be

nOthin`z gOnna chanGe the things
that yOu saaid
`nd nothin`z gOnna make things
riight agen
pleez dOn`t turn yOur back
i can`t bleev it`z hrd just tO
talk tO yEw
but yOu dOn`t undrztand

--siMple plaN
I'm already there..

*looks good when invisible/and italic
Wish you were here..
Wish you could see this place..
Wish you were near --> so i could touch your face..
The weathers nice.. its PaRaDiSe*
Its summer time all year..
There's some folks we know they say hello..
oo0o0oh i miss you so..
WiSh YoU wErE hErE.
Your life really does flash before you as you die*
Behind every bitchy girl lies a dumb boy that made her like that.
I`ll take yoOh tO the candyshOp...
bOy One taste Of what I gOt...
I`ll have yoOh spending all you gOt...
Keep gOing till yoOh hit the spOt ;)
Im ju a ~G~I~R~L~
I d0n kn whr I [[ELNG]]
N a PREP- r a KAER-
N in NG-
I wan b /E/V/E/R/Y//H/I/N/G/
u nhing :W::R:K:: r m
-HUG-, -G؆H-, -n- -PUNK-,
What am I uppsd t ?
Ill nvr //HAPPY\\
Cuz as yu can *.**.*
Nhing i m
ha he ~way~ is gnna
I am wh I am
0 p [L][A][][E][L][I][N][G] m
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