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Terrible suicide (original..made by me..no stealing)

as i put the knife in the sink i didnt no wht 2 think
as i watched the blood flow down my arm
i rellly didnt mean ne harm
the tears fall down my face
as i think 2 myself how much i hate this place
nothings rite,everythings rong
in a moment ill b gone
im so tired of ppl sayin they care and
then their never there,
secrets,lies,yea im all apart of tht
but it relly gets bad wen you give up,walk away and every1 thinks ur ok
until one night,
u slowly drift away w/ only 4 words 2 say,
this is my suicide
then u wont ever see another day
i may seem like a simple lil girl
but my troubles are pulling me away from my friends and
they dont no if im tellling the whole story from beginning 2 end
but theirs way 2 many secrets and
i dont no y i cant just tell them whts going on
but they wouldnt understand,
no1 seems 2 see my life is jus a terrible suicide

im me if u like it...and plz dont steal it i made it myself!
eXx00--alicia nicole
the person you think is the strongest person could be crying themselves to sleep at night.
take your sweet sweet time because
i will be here if you change your mind
. * . I lay awake at night wondering
. * . How things got so messed up and
. * . Things arnt the way the used to
. * . Be..everything went together
. * . Perfectly before... now I miss
. * . How it was and now I am changing
. * . Soon you won't know me I'll be
. * . Crying because You guys are my
. * . Best friends now..but things
. * . Are changing and i have to learn
. * . To accept that now...even though
. * . Its gonna h u r t inside
ii th0ught ii wuz
0ver yo0 Whiin
yo0 br0ke my
ii th0ught wr0ng
and iit 0nly made
me l0ve yo0 m0re*
alot of people would ask
" Why do you like him? he's
an a** you deserve better."
but all i say to myself
is they must not know
him like i do <3
I think to myself why does he keep insisting on a girl who will never love him and has told him this many times. when theres someone right infront of him who has opened her broken heart back up to him. <3
I've done it again
I've fallen for my
Best friend, maybe
this time it will be
different, cuz every
other time its always
benn the same thing
" I don't want to lose
you as a friend"
but whant they don't
know is ho bad that
hurts me.
I'm taking a risk
I'm following my
Heart again, letting
myself love him
knowing that he
could hurt me
like someone did before
I trust him enough
to give him my heart
Hope he won't break it
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