Quotes added on Friday, February 11 2005

And I Cant Make It On My Own...
Becuz My Heart Is In Ohio.
So Cut My Wrists And Black My Eyes
So I Can Fall Asleep Tonight... OR DIE!
Becuz You Kill Me
You Know You Do
You Kill Me Well
You Like It Too And I Can Tell
You Never Stop Until... My Final Breath Is Gone.

Hawnthorne Heights: Ohio Is For Lovers
<~~~ Greatest Song Ever!
You've made me something I never thought i'd be
.. happy
And i .. know that he won't break my heart <3

-Ciara, and I
one day every one will
realize its not a b o u t*
being perfect !! it`s all`*
about || being || happy !!
|| ©© be back later ©© ||
·´¯`-» sometimes i wOnder* where would i be
i f i d i d n t kno y O u & you d i d n t know me*
who would i laugh «--and cry with a t the end
? where w0uld i be without my best * friends
eventually all the pieces fall into
p l a c e untiil then* laugh a t the
confusion live* f o r the moment
and know that e v e r y t h ii n g
happens f o r* a (( r e a s o n ))
and tOniqht, my anqel, ii will`..
sleep with a qun in mii mOuth.
qOOdniqht, sleeptiqht, mii lOve
i t seems like some people'
make promises just for the
pleasure of breaking them'
if you want to see the rainbow
you have to see the (( r a i n ))*
if you want to see true l.o.v.e*
you have to take the* + p a i n +
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