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i keep crying because these tears blind me from what's real

(A)... XoXshimmerNshineXoX@yahoo.com
Keep on following your dreams
Exell in everything
Everything will turn out fine
Pray for a little extra help

Oh and never stop
Never quit

Get rid of negitive thoughts
Oh and never cry when it gets tough
Inside it might be hard but never stop
Never let what you want die
Get yourself goin

10 reasons why you should date a dancer!

1. We wear tight oufits
2. We are very flexible
3. We can move different ways
4. We can dance for you
5. We can be on top or bottom
6. We practice a lot
7. We can go for a long time
8. We have routines
9. When we do good we get to suck on lolipops
10. We get to do it all the time!!

ThErE aRe PpL wHo
SaY tHeY cAn PlAy...
AnD tHeN tHeRe
ArE PpL wHo GeT
oUt ThErE aNd Do It!
!!Blondes Have all the fun!!
---Brunettes were done---
~You say that we're all dumb's~
*Thats y we have college degrees unlike some of u scums*
|Well I had to make make my point|
:Well we go to school you're probably smokin a joint:
dreams are for rookies
* hercules

love is just an excuse to cry..
use em if u <3 em
~l0ve me f0r me n0t sum0ne u want me t0 be~
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