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»-(¯`v´¯)-> Stupid Cupid
` ´ Stop Pickin On Me

** this does NOT look good in Arial.. put it in Tahoma 8**
these are very weird laws from around the U.S.

Alaska- You can't wake up a sleeping bear to take its picture

Florida- Unmarried women may not parachute on Sundays

Hawaii- No placing coins in your ears

Idaho- You can't fish from the back of a camel

Oklahoma- You can't sleep on a refrigerator outdoors

Baldwin Park,California- No riding bicycles in swimming pools

Houston,Texas- You can't sell limburger cheese on Sunday

Lexington,Kentucky- You can't carry an icecream cone in your pocket

Marion, Ohio- You can't eat a donut and walk backward on a city street

Myrtle Creek,Oregon- No boxing with kangaroos

Nashville,Tennessee- You must be 18 years old to play pinball

New Orleans.Louisiana- You may not tie an alligator to a fire hydrant (i picked this one!)

Whitehall,Montane- You can't drive a car with ice picks attached to the wheels

Wynona,Oklahoma- You can't wash your clothes in a birdbath

im me and tell me which is the dumbest

xbrunette9x or angel x1493
I tHoUgHt It WaS tReW
i ThOuGhT iT wAs YoU
AnD i ThOuGhT
I lUvEd YeW
They say we`re worthg a million bucks ..
we say, thats all ?! i love you ladies !! bffl

it should line up in Arial Size 8
A Best Friend Isn't The One You Come Home,
Call, and Tell Your Whole Day To ; it's The On
e Who Lived It Through [ W i T h . Y o U ]

Lines up in Trebuchet MS Size 8
Bold W i T h . Y o U
hes half my soul and half my heart
without this boy, i`d fall apart <3

lines up in Trebuchet MS
friends are forever, apart or together
If There ever comes a day when we Can`t Be
together, Keep Me In Your heart and I'll stay
there forever. -Winnie the Pooh <3

ahah looks weird right here, but lines up in Comic Sans MS Size 8
iF vOdKa wAs wAtEr aNd i wAs a dUcK.. i wOuLD sWiM tO tHe bOtToM aNd nEvEr cOmE uP.. bUt vOdKa aINt wAtEr aNd i aiNt a dUcK sO pAsS me tHe bOtTLe aNd sHut tHe F**k uP!
`·.·´,-.,.-,yOu ShOuLd LeT mE lOvE yOu

make it Arial
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