Quotes added on Tuesday, February 15 2005

¤ I never had a dream come true
till the daythat i found you
even though i pretend that ive moved on
youll always be my baby ¤
* Every time our eyes meet
this feeling inside me
its almost more then i can take
baby when you touch me
i can feel how much you love me
and it just blows me away ~

<3 amazed ~ lonestar
¤ I wanna be BaD
you make that look so GoOd! ¤
it`s just something that happens as you grow
up . you |[ realize ]| it's * less - // important to '
have more friends and » more « important to
have r e a l ` ones _ laquna beach «3
¤I know im on your mind
I know we'd have a good time
im your friend
im fun & im FiNe!¤
« ya know i dont know what it is
but EVErYtHiNg about u is IrReSiStAbLe«
~LiFe iS shOrt dOnt `wAste
it tRyin tO bE .Perfect. n
tAke a cHanCe cUz eVen if
yOu qEt cAuqHt aT LeAst yoU
knO thAt yoU hAd fUn n diD
iT [yOur] wAy fOr a cHange~
*i used to think i had the answers
</3 to everything but now i know
that life doesnt always go my way*
'- - -> BrItNeY SpEaRs
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