Quotes added on Wednesday, February 16 2005

*hoW comE u wiLl tAlk tO mE
oN the CoMpuTer buT
When oTher peOple cAn see..
YouR sO NiCe OnlINe
buT iN pErSon
YoUr jUSt AnOTher MeaN pErsON
iN thE c r o w d ...
i wish u acted the same online
as u do in person
cuz then, you would be my
X0-->e V e r y t H i N g
"we will still be friends though"

-those were the last words you said to me, but are we friends... no? u hate me, for no reason!-

gUyS sUcK.

day after day my love grew deep
day after day we began to creep
day after day u looked at my friend
day after day thats when it had to end.
Bueaty Is in the EyE of the beholder!!
He's the only one that leaves me CoMpLeTlY
When me n u met the AnGeLs WhiSpErEd
i love you is 8 letters long soOo is BullSh*t
~The only thing better than smiling at you...
Is Watching you smile back*

My most favorite quote ever!!



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