Quotes added on Thursday, February 17 2005

I wish, I was the tear rolling down your check. At least I would feel your soft skin.
I wish I could feel your touch again.
I wish, a lot, but i juss relized Im living in the feeling, and I truly can't have you back.

mAdE By Me: ... <3 sMy*
Swimming Threw Ashes Of Another Life.
No Real Reason To Accept The Way Things have Changed>.


<3 sMy*
when me n u met the AnGeLs Whisperd
on valentines day when love is in the air
i thought maybe now would be a good time to share
to share what feelings that i've been having
so i wrote this poem to show you i care

so i ask you for this:
when you read this poem -> ( which i hope you do )
remember all the fun times that i've had with you
remember all the memories that we've had
( i hope you note: way more good times then bad )

i'd be so upset if our friendship came to a final end
after all the games we'd play and the notes that we'd send
after all the secrets we shared and the make up we'd lend

about all those bad things i said, i didn't mean them at all
i dont know why i said then and i apologize for them all

but i think you should know, if i knew this friendship would end in a fight
i still would've done it; every sleepover night

i wrote this poem from the bottom of my heart
and maybe this is where our friendship will * R e s t a r t *

1OO % mine yah it isz
theres actually a rele interesting story about this:
me and my bffeaeae got in a big fight so on valentines day i gave her this poem and because she knew i wrote it from my heart it touched her heart so much that she started crying tears of happyness and we have never been closer you can give this to a friend if ya want but dont take credit bc if she saw this on this website it would ruin your life lol
so my suggestion is to write her a sweet poem like this and give it to her. it worked for mee!

x0o Lauren o0x
if you love her .. tell her she's amazing, pick her
flowers from other people`s yards , throw rocks
at her window at niight make her laugh. kiss her
in the rain... but most of all:.. t e l l h e r <3

`- - - - - not takin` credit

x0o Lauren o0x
__ __ ____ __ __
| | | | | ___| \ \/ /
| |_| | | |_ \ /
| _ | | __| | |
| | | | | |__ | |
|__| |__| |____| |__|
my so called friend called me out to play
my so called friend said she would cll me lata today
my so called friend turned on me and talked abut me behind my back
my so called friend said she didnt say jack
so i talked about me so called friend just like she did me
and wat happened next didnt go so easily
"hockey is life with the volume turned up. The friendships are fused more tightly than in other places. The laughter is louder, the jokes funnier, the pain sharper, the nights later, and the lows lower. Hockey teaches us that life, although unpredictable, is something we can deal with."
-:-these scars are just memories of wat yoo put me thru
and just another reason why i wont go back to you-:-
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