Quotes added on Sunday, February 20 2005

☼Love Is When☼
*in class*
~ur writing~
ºur furst nameº
~*and his last*~

Emmi.....not takin credit
you were once the 1 the only oe, now ur just a part of me that just wont let go, I try not to think of all of the things that u did to me, but now its all worth while....I DON'T WHAT U BACK!!!

ºno credit takenº
I love uu love me we r ment to be can we be will we be maybe...

ºno credit takenº

              say hello to my lil bunny

its kinda messed up but it looks good in Comic Sans MS  and pink
It doesn't matter how
tap, hip hop, jazz, ballet, lyracal juss get your groove on
With a partner by yourself with a stranger it doesnt matter
Move your body feel the pulse cuz its your time
To get out and shine

mine 100%

Babe Dance=Life
It may suck but believe me
It will take you to your biggest dream
Love true <3
Over and over think about him
Very intense

All me
Touch me
Kiss me
Squeeze me
PLease me

                 *b E w A r E *
                   Of blOnde
                  She - Might
                    l0ve u
All the laughs, all the crys
the boy talk n bein shy
the fone calls, so wha if im older
the fav songs,ill be ur cryin shoulder
i kno we had some troubles but apart never
tru friends r gunna b here
today and tomorrow scratch that... «f.o.r.e.v.e.r»

this is all mine...i made it for all my girlz if you dont believe i wrote this you suck cuz i did

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