Quotes added on Monday, February 21 2005

Life and death, the money that's left

And the vultures dive to intercept

And the friendship rolls onto its side |

And you wait for it to die

buzzhorn _ ordinary <3
eV3r SiNC3 tHa daY
yOu wEnT aWaY &
Left me lonely &
c o l d
Mii LiF3 hasn`t
b33n thA saM3
wh3n i l00k3d int0
y0ur ey3s thE m0ment
that i l3t y0u go
i juSt bRoK3 d0WN

i`M g0in cRaZii <33
i <33 that soong =]
if every word i said could make you
laught ..i'd talk forever <33333333

notEss ..

lineS upp in Lucida Console
sizEe eigHtt

<333 kaitlyn
gOiN bAk To BeD<333

sWeEt DrEaMzZzZzZzZzZzZ to me = ))

xOx alyssa xOx

<33 IM me if u like it
oUt---------> leav some (l)(o)(v)(e)


eDdItZz- put the out in pink

put the arrows in oranGe with the arrow in pinK

put the leav some in oranGe and the love in oranGe with the ()"s in pink
my crew.were true.you know how we do. 8P

^^100% myne
HoW cOmE eVeRyThInG tHaT mAkEs Me SmIlE...
eVeNtUaLlY mAkEs Me...<-->*CRY*<-->
just when I'm about to give up on *e v e r y t h i n g*
you come up to me and everything *d i s s a p e a r s*

all mine..hope ya like!
your so fat that when you put on heels in the morning, you got home and they were flats
     ****     R i S H A !! <33 

change it if ur name begins w/ a T =]
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