Quotes added on Friday, February 25 2005

The only rule is: Look cute
Life is too short to blend in
-Paris Hilton
***Blonde Hair***
**Blue Eyez**
*Dang these girlz can hynotyze*
It doesn't matter how
tap, hip hop, jazz, ballet, lyracal juss get your groove on
With a partner by yourself with a stranger it doesnt matter
Move your body feel the pulse cuz its your time
To get out and shine

mine 100%

Babe Dance=Life
You Flirt
Wear Short Skirts
Wear tight shirts

He dont care how you dress
He doesnt care if your different from the rest
Hes the kind who loves you 100% none the less
I love you baby like you love me
I sure hope that you can see
How you make me feel i cannot express
I couldn't love you any less
one day i am gunna find cupid nd wen he isnt looking im gunna steal one of hisz arrowsz..then im gunna shove the arrow up hisz @$$...then mayb he will kno how much love hurtsz
your the only one who make my <3 Heart <3 beat -faster- and s l o w e r at the same time

2/17 ilu Zack

all the words with cool stuff done to them and stuff should be in a diffrent font or diffrent colors to makr them stand out more
lets give them something to talk about
I love you I hate you I just cant remeber to forget you

This is how i feel about a kid in my skool.
nO mAtTa wHat wE stiCkiN*tOgEtHeRr
tOdAy + tOmOrRow scRaTch tHat.. f o r e v e r <3
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