Quotes added on Tuesday, March 1 2005

Got stains on my t-shirt
and Im the biggest flirt
Right now Im solo
but that will be changing eventually
oh Got bruises on my heart
and sumtimes I get dark
If u want my auto
want my autobiography
Baby just ask me

i am away
i just wanna --»
talk to you
and my * broken heart*
just has no use
,--->I dont use excuses
Dont ask y<---,
,--->Its jus a breakdown
It happens all the time<---,
,--->So get out of my face
Dont even try<---,
,--->ya wanna help me
just let me cry<---
you make me
Snow DaY
snow is falling friends are calling....
and so is that hot coco!!
All the things left
Leave me waitin
and left 2 wonder
I need u
All the things left
Leave me empty
and left 2 wonder
I need u
i am better off --->
when i am standing in --->
<--- the pouring rain
2 g3t m3 through th3 3v3r aft3r
Cuz now that it f33ls lyk3
Its far from wat it was lyke
Wh3n u rot3 our nam3s in th3 sand
In this endl3ss summ3r
Tryin 2 b sum1 that u kno ur not
It g3ts hard3r 3v3ryday
All the lon3ly days
Th3r3s no 1 l3ft 2 luv
u wish lyf3 wood go away
`*3v3rytime u try 2 t3ll m3*`
~^u say th3 words that im th3 only^~
`*But Im th3 1 whos crawlin*`
~^on th3 ground Wh3n u say^~
!~luv mak3s th3 world go round~!
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