Quotes added on Tuesday, March 1 2005

Guys are like colds, you'll eventually get over them!

100% mine!!
We are young, heartache to heartache we stand,
Love is a battlefeild
when i`m in the dark & all alone.
dreaming that you`ll walk
right through my door - _
it's then i know my heart is whole..
theres a million reasons why i cry
hold my covers tight & close my eyes
cause i don`t wanna be alonee..
(*(*)*) my (*(*)*)
" if you have a beautiful face you don't need big
fake boobs to get anyone's attention " - paris hilton
" .. you aint perfect kid, and let me tell you somethin, this girl you met .. shes not perfect either, its whether or not your perfect for eachother"
- a bronx tale
summer ; winter ; spring and fall
ill be around to catch your call cause
your my baby and i adore you
A star up in the sky goes slowly passing by
The lights below...they spell out your name.
You're comfort on my mind & you're with me all the time.
& lots of feelings that I can't explain
Eagles may soar....but weasles dont get sucked into jet engines
when i see you (s)(m)(i)(l)(e)i know everythings [[ok]]
when i hear you (l)(a)(u)(g)(h) its always a better [[day]]
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