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when life gives you lemons, make grape juice. then sit back and wonder, "how the hell did i get grape juice ?!"
here in this diary, i write you visions of my summer,
it was the best i ever had, there were choruses - and
sing-a-longs, and not a spoken feeling, I'm knowing
right now that this is all that matters. All the
Nights we stayed up talking, listening to 80 's songs,
and quoting lines from all those movies that we love .
it still brings a smile to my face, i guess when it
comes down to it, being grown up isnt half as fun as -
growing up, these are the best days of our lives . the
only thing that matters is just following your heart, &
eventually you' ll finally get it right.. breaking into
hotel swimming pools, and wrecking havoc on our world ,
hanging out at bus stops, just to pass the time. the -
black top 's singing me to sleep. Lighting fire works
in parking lots, illuminate the blackest nights, cherry
cokes under this moonlight summer sky. 2015 riverside ,
its time to say "goodbye.." get on the bus, its time -
to go, being grown up, itsnt half as fun as growing up,
these are the best days of our lives, the only thing -
that matters is just, following your heart, & eventually
you 'll finally get it right. < - - The Ataris. <33
" Life Happens When You 're Busy Making Other Plans . "

if at first you dont succeed, try , try again.
hey kaleb
look at me
stop now and talk to me
do you like me as much as you say?
and do you think
I'm wastin my time always talking to you?
'cuz it hurts when you flirt with other girls
and now i try hard to keep you
i just want to make you.....mine
am i ever gonna be good enogh fo you?
you cant pretend like you dont care
and you need to love me
'cuz we're together now
and i want to last forever
im sorry i cant be
just friends
am i just to late
or do have a chance
im sorry i cant be
just friends
i try not to think
about the pain i feel inside
do you that you're my everything?
and now i try hard to please you
i just wanna make you.........glad
am i ever gonna be good enogh for you
dont pretend that you dont care
and you need to love me
'cuz we're together now
and i want to last forever

part of the song "just friends" by simple plan...but its true..used to be anyways...
When everyone else
Is fast asleep
I lay in bed,
and silently weep
over the times we shared
And the times we missed
From the thoughts of our lies
to the time of our first kiss-
all these memories have stayed..
long after you have left.
x0_if you love me let me know
cause if you dont ill let you go_x0
For everytime i think of you
my heart drops and my throat locks up
and i realize that for once it my life,
things we're going good
until i let it slip
and half the things i once had
are now impossible to get back..
best friends never get tired of being around eachother
maybe its just becasue we're full of so much energy
and we love to constantly laugh..over things that don't even matter. maybe its because we can be carefree and not have to worry about a thing when we're together. and we love to gossip about everyone..that why we know so much. we can act however we want..and noone will care..we take lots of pictures..so when we look back we'll still be wishing we were there..and all of our time together..just keeps getting better and better
The laughs
the tears
the struggles
the fights
the pictures
the notes
and the place in your heart
are all a part of having a best friend.
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