Quotes added on Friday, March 4 2005

If your asking if i need you
the answer is-->I do._
if your asking if im missing you
the answer is-->Of course._
and if your asking if i love you
the answer is-->Forever._
if your asking if i'll leave you
the answer is-->NEVER._
whats chukie without tommy whats steve without blue whats spongebob wihtout patrick thats me with out u

if i dug a whole the size of the ocean
and went there every time i cried
i would swim there
just beacuse it reminded me of you
people in this owrld are so cruel
i cant stand being at school
i get called fat all day long
then i get told i need to go on a diet by my own mom
my step-sister is no help
i started going to a gym to get help
and the whole time i was doin things
she would laugh and call me names
thas what is wrong woth the world today
when they call me fat they dont play
im trying this new thing {{anerexia}}
it has worked so far but i wouldnt recomend it to ya
but when im in the emergency room dying from it
i will say hah i did it
~>>iF yOu wErE a bOoGeR, i wOuLd pIcK yOu EveRytImE<<~

lol my boyfriend told me that and i laughed, but he said he was serious LMAO
*jUsT bEiNg tHe oNe iN hIs aRmS mAkeS eVeRytHiNg ALL riGhT*
"Existentialism On Prom Night"
When the sun came up,
we were sleeping in,
sunk inside our blankets,
sprawled across the bed...
and we were dreaming.
There are moments when I know it
and the world revolves around us
and we're keeping it,
keeping it all going.
This delicate balance,
all knowing.
(sing like you think no one's listening)
You would kill for this,
just a little bit.
So, sing me something soft.
Sad and delicate.
Or loud and out of key.
Sing me anything.
We're glad for what we've got,
done with what we've lost
our whole lives laid out right in front of us....
~>>sTrAylIgHt rUn<<~ awesome song!
your so hot
i just want 2
lick you all
oVer & when I
get my chanCe I
wont s t o p <3
~*~*~* u DriVE ME C/r/a/z/i u JusT cANT C i Am SO exITEd....
<<33 MAyb iTS MEanT to B ~*~*~*
You always assume that the ppl around you .. [your friends] .. have the 'perfect' life. until.one.day. they }}f.i.n.a.l.l.y.{{ find the key && unlock theur secret .. && when you finally hear it, you thank the LoRd that they got through it && hopefully you can find your key .. to your ..DIARY so you can reveal your --/> [[ h i d d e n || s e c r e t s ]]

hope you like it!!
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