Quotes added on Tuesday, March 8 2005

do u love me....
ur smile makes my heart melt...
its funny how as soon as she leaves you...
you run to me
Best Bud:
Best Bud to me
Best Bud you all luv to be!
Best Bud cant ya c?
Best Bud oh dont you leave me!

100% mine
You know the way you feel when you meet somebody amazing and you know their the one for you and all you think about is how much he means to you and how perfect you would be together...all you think about is him
well what about the one who all he can think about is you and thinks he cant live without you and thinks youd be perfect together and never knows that your thinking about somebody else.
when the french curse
do they say pardon my english ?¿
when a friend says
"you're my best friend"
then you know something's wrong
so you tell her
"yes i am and you are mine"
but then she tells you it's a lie...
im the swatter
and you're the bug
the second i saw you
i knew you were trouble
but i didnt listen to myself
but now i know the truth
so i took my arm


now you are gone
they say true love lasts forever..
but now i know they lie.

aim: lil rosen 07
the worst feeling in the world is the one you get when you think that your gonna lose
the love of your life.. becasue you havent lost him/her yet and you never know when your
gonna.. its just gonna happen
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