Quotes added on Saturday, March 12 2005

wish i didnt kno
wish i didnt care
wish that wen i close
my eyes you werent there...
wish i never loved you
wish you never hurt me
wish you were here
wish i could forget

kinda gay but w/e
::tOUch MeE::
>tEaSe mEe<
*kiSS mEe*
~PlEaSe MeE~
I d0nT wAnt aNoTh3r mAn iN mY l1f3 bUt y00u,
y00uR th3 oNly 0ne tHat mAde My h3aRt fe3l trUe..
My l0ve fo0r y00u iS gr3at.. aNd 1t w1lL n3veR
fAde.. y0ur kiSs3s sTiLl tAke mY bR3atHe awAy..
s0 thAt oNe daY i s3e y00u i h0pe iTs trUe.. y00u
sTill loVe m3 tHe wY i aLwAys l0veD y00u.. ((Ill be waiting))

^^ made by Heather Hoover<33
Every penny in a well,every b.r.o.k.e.n wish bone, every 11:11 on a clock, every XxcrossedxX finger, every (t|u|r|n) of a necklace, every s*t*a*r in the sky, every f/a/l/l/e/n eyelash, every >>-blown-> out candle, every wish I could .:'ever':. make....will n=e=v=e=r give me my >>true<< wish...{~y~o~u~}

Saw this quote then added some stuff and made it my own! Hope yu like it!
All my life I'v put on a show for the whole world to see
They all saw such a perfect girl but they didnt see the real me
The smiles and laughs are all a front so they wont see my real world
And see that deep inside this perfect shell is a heartbroken little girl
She cries herself to sleep at night wishing that things would change
But wakes up every morning to see that everythings still the same

*Sorry if it isn't lined up guys*

...Its just an [~i.l.l.u.s.i.o.n~] that i have in my .::*heart*::.

Looks best in Trebucht MS font with peach background and white letters!

Hope ya like! **Didnt know where to put it**
here comes the rain again..
falling from the stars [<3]
drenched in my pain again..
becoming who we are_____xox
`->Green Day
no matta wut happens [_i`m gonna make it_]
nd ' if i`m not happy i`lL just have to fake it
i`ve been through backstabs . . scumbags
and lies - i gotta whole list of people i despise
so if u got my trust |don`t lose it|nd if
yOu got my _love_ don`t abuse it_____exx][ohh
don`t find love // Let love find yOu
that`s why it`s called [ falling ]in
love - you don`t force yourseLf toO
fall [ you - j u s t - do ] exx][ohh
WhYy dOes iT sTiLl hUrT sOo bAd tO sEe YoUu wItH h.e.r. ->> too SeE yOuU wAlKiNg dOwN tHe hAlLS lAuGhInG AnD sMiLing...

...i GuEsS aCcePtInG tHe tRuTh isnT aS [[eAsY]] aS iT sOuNdSs...
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