Quotes added on Saturday, March 12 2005

LoVe sTaRtS aND eNdSs wIth ((6)) wOrDsS...

WoUlD yOuU gO OuTt wItH mEe


I tHiNk wE sHoUlD jUsT bE fRiEnDsS....
//* ] Me aNd hEr ii Kn0w wE`vE BeEn c0mPaReD . . .

ii tRy t0 aCt LiiKe ii d0n"t EvEn cArE - x -

bUt ____ iiNsiiDe * iiT"s bEeN tEaRiinq || mE up

w0ndEriiNq iiF ii"LL eVeR bE aBlE t0 mEaSuRe [ up ]
When u have a smile On ur face
.:`*--xOAnd a twinkle in yOur iizOx--*`:.
.:`*--xO Only a TRUE friend knOws Ox--*`:.
xOx__* })ii({ *__xOx
OH i W.A.n.t it [aWL] or NOThinG at AwL
((theReS)) nowhere LeFt to F4Ll wheN you'VE reaCHed The _BoTtOm_ iTS [NoW oR nEvEr] --->>
IS it AwL...
OR ArEe We [JuSt FrIeNdS]
iSs ThIS [how it ENds]
WIth a s.i.m.p.l.e TeLePhOnE caLl.....
YoUu l34vE mE hErE wIth
N.o.T.h.I.n.G. a.T. a.L.l
forget about the ((risks))
\\ just take the f.a.l.l. //
..if its mEaNt to be,
its [[Ww Oo Rr Tt Hh]] it a l l
ii WiiSh ii WaS *8* aGaiiN,

cUzZ aWl hE hAd tO dO wAs ((tAg)) me, aNd ii WaS

where would i go with no you to run to, no you to hold me when i am afraid, where would i be, with no you beside me, i oughta know it by now without you, theres no me....

((Zoe Girl))
[[Yy Oo Uu]] may be gone but

im s.t.i.l.l here ..
*¤*.¸¸.·´¨`»*«´`»*«´¨`·.¸¸ .*¤*
....babii` dun y0*u se3....
ThAt ii` beliEve in rOmance...
a*nd kiisses whiile ya sLoW DaNcE
and hOW itz real wat i feel
*¤*.¸¸.·´¨`»*«´`»*«´¨`·.¸¸ .*¤*
aNd WoUlD yU TeLL AlL yUr frIeNdSz..
yUvE gOt yUr gUnNn tU mY HeAdD ...

itsz frum taking back sunday ...
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