Quotes added on Monday, March 14 2005

S       TT   A   A CC    EE     Y Y
    S   TT   A   A CC    EE      Y

I cAn mAkE aNy NaMe! iM Me On aIm>> M x A o D x e
PPPPP U   U N    N K   K
P   P U   U N N  N K  K 
P     U   U N   NN K  K
P     UUUUU N    N K   K
When you feel like GIVING UP, remember why you HELD ON for so long..

I don't know whos quote that is, but it looks really cute if you make the capital letters bold/italic!

<3 k
every time i think of about you
my heart [[ s t o p s ]] beating
this time , its truely , l o v e x3

Editz - @Arial Unicode MS - no bolds

hit it if u like it [[ XxNice12x ]]
love vS. hate
destiny vS. fate
truth vS. lies
ur heart vS. mine

hit it if you like it [[ XxNice12x ]]
Love .x3. it
or Hate .x. it
but i`ma still
[ L o v e ] it

like it/ love it ?
tell me - XxNice12x
Sometimes you can just have a moment with someone...you can be doing something totally ramdom and then it happens...

lyfe isnt about findin
ur future husband...<3
it`s about finding your
f u t u r e
*If the only way to see you is in ma dreams...*
***then I wanna sleep forever***
~~>How come life lasts 4ever<~~
**but ur love ends so short?**

guess we'll neva kno...
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