Quotes added on Tuesday, March 15 2005

You seriously dont know that something you have can be so prectious untill its gone.
i may be beautiful compared
to the ugliest person xx
in the world, but i`m the .
ugliest person in the world
compared to --her--

1oo% mine take it whatever
Forget love...I'd rather fall in chocolate...

i'm clean as a WhIsTlE...go ahead -n- blow me

thought of it at lunch wit ma girls...hope ya like it!! lol
YoU )(CrAcK)( mE -uP-
LiKe {{ScrAmBlEd}} EgGs
girls are forever
boys are whatever
when worst comes
to worst mii gurls
come first
th3 two .H.a.R.d.E.s.T. things to say are
hello for tha ((.F.i.R.s.T))
and goodbye for tha [.L.a.S.t.]

Background~ white
words~ black expect ((.F.i.R.s.T)) & [.L.a.S.t.] make those a different color. like pink or something
Racheal * xo
sometimes you need
a * s e c o n d * chance
Bcuz time [wasnt ready]
for the // first \\ one
i only want to be with you
at two times <3
[n O w] & f.o.r.e.v.e.r. `

any girl can lOok into yOur eyes
a million times and stilll not once
see all the things i see // xO
in just o.n.e. [ g l a n c e ] *

when i saw you i guess i didn't
realize exactly how hard i was
[ f a l l i n g ] for you . . . . . . <3
ii [love] walking
in the rain
cause nobody
knows im

he came up to me
and asked
who's life do [you]
care bout more
mine or yours
ii picked yours
cause he never knew
he is MY l.i.f.e

I [wOnDeR] what your doing right
I [wOnDeR] if your thinking of me to0..
hOpIng you feel the way I do..

you said you would
love me f.o.r.e.v.e.r
but you (lied)
you said we would
get married
but you (lied)
you said you would
never go out with {her}
but you (lied)
you said we would
never lie to eachother
and that was a (lie)
i guess our whole relationship
was a BIG [lie]

Love isnt about the · hugs nd kisses ·
_ the » i love you's « or » i miss you's «
its about those butterflies· you get nd<3
the chills that run up and down ur back -
when you jus think about h i m - - ×Oo.

in this world theres real and make believe
but this _ s e e m s . r e a l . t o . m e _ <3 '

i love you always .. forever
near or far * we'll stay together
everywhere i will be with you
anything i will do for you.
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