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boys are like phones...sometimes you dial the wrong number</3
iif y0u l00k iinsiide a giirl's heart*
y0u`d see h0w much she relle criiez
y0u`ll fiind secrets hiidden
best friiends, and liies
but what y0u`ll see the m0st
iis how hard iit iis t0 stay [str0ng]
when n0thing`s riight
and -everythiing- iis wr0ng
& yOuR nAmE cAmE uP iN THE cONvErSaTiOn
::sOmeOne AsKed if i KnEw yOu::
[--[tHiNkiNg BaCk i SaiD]--]

franklin gothic medium 8
yOu CaN'T Buy iT aT a StoRe & tRy iT oN foR SiZe
ThEn BriNg iT bAcK iF iT dOnT fEeL RiGhT
nO LoVe, lOvE aiNt LiKe ThaT
Do you ever put your arms out and just spin and spin and spin? Well, that's what love is like. Everything inside of you tells you to stop before you fall, but you just keep going

-practical magic
yOu wRiTe SuCh PrEtTy wOrDs :: buT LiFeS nO sToRy bOoK - l O v E - iS aN eXcuSe tO gEt HuRt aNd tO HuRt
why do i bother fightn' when i know in the end i will never win , i wanna be done with this feelin, i wanna be done with the past, but at the same time it hurts to bad to face reality your never goin to be there for me...On the phone with my mother :'(
a best friend is a connection to Life
a tie to the past,, a road to the future
& a key to sanity in this insane world.
L0ve iis a w0nderful thiing
y0u never have t0 take iit away
fr0m 0ne pers0n t0 giive iit t0 an0ther
there`s alwayz m0re than en0ugh t0 g0 ar0und
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