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Have you loved someone so much
and then the next day u hate them
b/c he/she decided that they were going
to cheat on you?
real story
My LiFe HaS f A l L e N tO pIeCeS..nOw Im TrYiNg To PuT tHe PuZzLe BaCk >>ToGeThEr<<..BuT yOuR tHaT lAsT pIeCe tO mY pUzZlE..

My LiFe«3

Take it if youu want..thats whut its here for!!

MeG oOx
GOD made mudd...
GOD made dirt...
God made boys...
so girls can flirt!~
Ų-watched the walls around me crumble-×
Ų-but its not like that will build em up again-×
×-so here your last change for redemption-Ų
×-So take it while it lasts because it will end-Ų
Ų-And my tears are turning into time-×
Ų-I've wasted trying to find a reason for goodbye-×

:.::Kristina::.: I l o v e y o u
"The world Never meets you halfway"
Do you ever just put your arms out and just spin and spin and spin? Well, that's what love is like. Everything inside of you tells you to stop before you fall, but for some reason you just keep going
-Practical Magic
Sometimes LovE will take you by surprise-* Don't be shocked just accept it-*

can love be like in all the movies where you come.... make me fall head over heals for you.... take me to your castle....and we can live [[happily ever after....]]

Sweet lips on mine....
Makes a tingle down my spine....
FoReVeR aNd AlWaYs We WiLl Be*

Love is a precious moment you spend....
with someone you care about....
untill the end....

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