Quotes added on Friday, March 18 2005

whutt yu see nd whutt yu du
are tu different thingsz <3
hoo yu ar nd whut u beleive
are tu different thingsz <3
but hoo u love n hoo u like
shud be the [[Same]] person
<3 i love yu mike a&f NMWH!
sometymesz were happy sometymsz were sad
sometymesz were nice and sometymesz MaDd
we are alwasyz by eachothersz sidesz <33
especially when we are gonna break down.
and cry .... itsz hard to beleive by nxt
year we will be saying .... goodbye ....

cLaSs oFf 06 ... i will misz yu !!!!!!!!
[ dp ag ap ob sp spr md dg kc kb ng ]
omg i love yusz sooo freakin much !!!!!!
its not the fall that hurts...its that sudden stop at the end
* Away from the computer *
* Be back MUcH later *
* So leave some swe3t ims *
* Or call [[your number here]] *
* Ox your name here xO *
>> iM OuTtA HeRe!
leave one for laduR
..or call it..

*h0w c0uld y0u let s0meb0dy lay where ii layed?
*h0w c0uld y0u giive hiim *everythiing* that we made?
*h0w c0uld y0u call hiim all the -names- that y0u used t0 call me?
*h0w c0uld y0u . . . h0w c0uld y0u . . . just f0rget ab0ut me?
*h0w c0uld y0u teach hiim all the ( thiings) ii taught y0u?
*h0w c0uld y0u put hiim up t0 the ghett0 karmasutra?
*h0w c0uld y0u put me iin that back and giive hiim the fr0nt seat?
*h0w c0uld y0u . . . h0w c0uld y0u . . . just f0rget ab0ut me?
*I've heard the speech a million times b4
You can do better you deserve much more
I get myself sick over it cuz i kno its tru
but i dont want better I JuSt WaNt u*
*To find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hott, who calls you back when you hang up, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, who will hold your hand in front of his friends, who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares,
and who calls just to say he loves you is everything*
:.·:*¨°·.¸.· * -:¦:-.·:*¨°·.¸.· *.·:*¨°·.¸.· * -:¦:-.·:*¨°

BaBiEe wHeNn i lOok aTt yOu iT aLwAyS mAkEs
mEe feEl ReAL gOod . . nD i KnOo i KiNdAa FeLl
fOrR yOu LyKeE i NeVaH thOuGhTt i wOuLdD. .
aNdD baBiEe wHeNn i ThiNK oF yOu iT aLwAysS
bRigHTeNs uPp MaHh sMiLe sOo wOntT yU cOmE
On oVaH bOii n jUsS StaY WiT mEe 4 a wHiLEe<3

:.·:*¨°·.¸.· * -:¦:-.·:*¨°·.¸.· *.·:*¨°·.¸.· * -:¦:-.·:*¨°
[( BeSt )] friends are hard to f.i.n.d b-cuz the *best* are already mine....
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